breastfeeding my 3 week old

  • Hey this is my first time posting on this board, but here we go. My son was in the NICU for the first 5 days of his life and it was very hard for me to get the nurses there not to feed him formula. I was very willing to come when he was due for a feeding but I still could not stop the nurses from giving him a bottle of formula. I even pumped for them and still caught them giving him formula which was very upseting for me. ANYWAYS my problem now is occasionally when we sit down to nurse he now has nipple confusion for the first few minutes and on occasion he doesnt seem satisfied afterwards and I have to supplement with formula to fill him up. I want to catch up so that I dont have to do that but I hate seeing him get frustrated when he empties me out and is still wanting more.. Also any advice on the nipple confusion? i doubt there is much to help that since I still give him a small amount from a bottle from time to time. ONE more thing lol He seems to have his days and nights confused which I am not sure at his age if that is even possible but he will finish a feeding at 2am and just look around and want to stay awake and wont fall asleep for over an hour or till after his next feeding. How do I fix this?! Sorry for so many questions! Hubbys not much help sadly.


    Jennifer and Baby Taylor

  • im sorry he is 3 weeks old not 3 months woops!

  • For the nipple confusion instead of giving him a bottle afterwards you could "cup feed". Hes almost three now but when my son was born he clusterfed so much in the hospital that i needed a break i was so sore. The nurses used a small medicine cup and he lapped it up like a cat. So he was still getting the little extra that he needed but wasnt using a bottle. A good way to help your body to produce more milk so you dont empty at quickly is to pump after he eats even if you feel there is nothing left. It tells your body that you need to produce more and helps to "let down" again which will over time, a very short amount of time surprisingly, will help you to have more of a supply. Some times youll only get a few drops or so but i would say to put for at least 10-15 min on both sides. Trust me this works. And whatever you pump out can always be frozen so that way on days where you arent producing that much you can cup feed breastmilk instead of formula. As far as sleeping patterns, i have a 4 month old litte girl and when she was about 3 weeks old she had the same problem. At that stage its still a little young but what i did was i at night i was make sure i kept her awak from 7 to 9 no matter what it took. She would cry some night and shed be fine other night and then i would feed her the last bottle before bed and just lay her down. She would be so tired from being awake for two hours that she would usually pass out eating and then she would sleep longer. To pass the time in between i would give her a bath at like 830. To wake her up a little bit more if she tried to doze off. When she would wake up at night to eat she would stay awake for a while sometimes 3 hours at a time. It was horrible so i would just feed her and lay her back in the bassinet awake and shut off the light. She eventually learned that it was time to go back to sleep and she went right back out. Hope this helps :)
  • You could try to finger feed to fix the nipple confusion. There are syringes that have little curvy ends that are made for this. The lactation consultant should have some onhand. You put your finger in his mouth (much more like a nipple than bottle nipples) and squirt tiny amounts at a time while he sucks your finger.

    I would also file a complaint about the nurses. If there was a reason they were giving formula instead of your pumped milk, they should have told you. Some preemies can't nurse due to the effort it takes, but most all can take expressed breastmilk. I would speak with the nurse manager of the unit. I know this sounds a little harsh coming from a nurse, but they should have either given the breastmilk or explained why they weren't. Your complaint could be what keeps another mom from going through the same thing.

  • Sometimes when I feed my baby I will hold a cup under the other breast to catch the let down of milk then I store that for future use, that has kept me from useing formula with my daughter who at first didnt seem to get full either.