• Hey everyone!!

    So I'm a new mom of a 2 month old little boy.  :)  I've been trying to get him to do tummy time and enjoy it, but he HATES it.  He rubs his face into the ground and then starts to cry.  I've tried to do it on the couch, with toys, on my tummy, and with a boppy pillow, but nothing seems to work.  any tips?  PLEASE HELP.  i want him to enjoy tummy time

  • My daughter did the same thing. It's ok of it's only a minute or two at a time, but it's important so that he can build stronger muscles. The most important thing is that you keep trying and eventually he'll enjoy it. it took until my daughter was able to lift her head and chest before she really liked tummy time. 

  • My little one did the same thing as well. We tried a little tummy time when she woke up in the morning in her crib and she seemed more calm but still only did 5 minutes. However, as she gets older (almost 6 months) she seems more interested in tummy time and does it for longer periods of time. 

    I think her reservation of tummy time had to do with a gassy belly but as she grows out of that she enjoys it more

  • The major benefit of tummy time is for the baby to work on neck strength, holding their head up, and spend time off the back of their head to avoid that flat spot from being on their backs all the time. 2 months old is still pretty young to do any kind of major tummy time. If you are sitting him on your lap and supporting his back so that he can sit up, he is achieving the same goals as tummy time but in a more enjoyable way. Don't stress too much about it - just give him time off his back by holding him and talking/singing to him. He'll grow to like it as he is older, just as the other moms said. :-) 

  • thank you guys so much!  I was really worried about it because everything I have read so far has said that I was supposed to start it as soon as his cord fell off and I had no idea.  You have put me to ease. :)

  • Glad we could help! Some of those books and things out there can be a bit confusing! :-) 

  • Tummy time can be frustrating for parent and baby... but he will eventually take to it... keep trying!

  • I'm also a new mommy and my baby doesn't like it either. She just sticks her face into the couch and cries. I try rubbing her back and talking to her but she just ain't having it. I'm glad I read the other post and hopefully she starts to get use to it. I want her to be able to lift her head.
  • My daughter can only handle 2-5 minutes at a time on her tummy before she starts crying and acting distressed. If we try doing it more than twice a day, she hates it. However, apparently this is quite normal: "what to expect the first year" says just give your baby 5 minutes, a few times a day of tummy time.