Seperation anxiety?

  • I am a proud mommy of my 7 1/2 month old baby girl. Due to hard times I went from being a house wife to going back to work full-time. Financially we are doing better but emotionally my baby is having a hard time. My sister watches her if my husband and I are both working at the same time. But on those days where we both leave for work my daughter is a hand full for my sister. The moment we start heading for the door she throws a fit and starts getting upset. She's a VERY happy baby, smiles ALL THE TIME until it's time for me to go to work. I have to work now but it breaks my heart and I hate leaving her fussy all night for my sister to try to handle. Any advice on how to get her used to me leaving? Anyone going through this too? What can I do to make her feel more at ease with my absence?

  • Is she fussy the whole time you are gone or just for a little while after you leave? Most babies are easy to console once mom leaves, but the leaving is the hard part. Consistency is key to helping her feel better. Try to discuss the routine with your sister to be sure she is doing things the same way you do. This may make your baby feel better about being without you if there is some things that are familiar. 

  • I agree with MommyRN4 Consistency helps a lot. Also you could try leaving her with your sister on your days off for an hour at a time so that she will 1) become more comfortable with you leaving 2) become more comfortable with your sister 3) start to understand that you will come back. I also feel compelled to tell you that babies around that age do start to experience separation anxiety and there is some advice on this site as to help her through it. Also does she have an attachment toy. My daughter has this pink hippo security blanket that rarely leaves her side. We use it at the  doctors office and other places where she is less comfortable to help her cope. Also you can check in with her doctor for a few tricks that he or she could pass down.

  • It's so hard leaving your little one to head to work. I, too, am working more than I'd like to help make ends meet. Babies naturally develop some separation anxiety at your daughter's age. She will learn to develop a good trust of your sister, as well as you, and hopefully do a better job with good byes. I found that my child would fuss and cry but stop fairly quickly after I left. It was almost harder on me than on him. Hang in there...your daughter is going to do okay and become comfortable with your sister. Hugs.