Car Seat Blues

  • My little boy hates his car seat. I’m at a bit of a loss because my first child loved it and slept in it quite well. There really isn’t much I can do to make my newborn happy during car rides. Have any of you experienced this? When did you find your babies got over their irritation with the car seat? Any tips or tricks that help? --Julie, StrongMoms Facilitator

  • Is it that he doesn't like being strapped in? or that he seems uncomfortable in his seat? In my searches for a seat for hazel i found numerous reports about babies not being comfortable in their seats and being too hot in them as well. So maybe it's a comfort thing and he either needs a different seat or he's getting too warm. otherwise i have no clue because hazel has always liked her seat. 

  • Ziva has always liked her seat and going for rides she just hates being fastened in, but after in and on the road she usually settles down and drinks her sippy and falls asleep. i agree with brinny that its something that could be a comfort level for him. i know it took ziva a bit when i got her convertable seat but now she loves it and just hates being fastened in.

  • Guess what? I found out my little one is allergic to dairy. When I cut all animal milk products (milk, yogurt, sour cream, butter, etc) out of my diet, he is a DIFFERENT kid! He never cries in his car seat anymore and is a happy camper! When I do eat it, he screams all the time and is really inconsolable. I guess I found my answer to my carseat troubles - who would have known?? 

  • Good news!!! It was a comfort thing, but not the kind you would have thought. I'm glad you found the issue and can now have a happy little boy.


  • So great that you found that out! This is why checking with your doctor for any reason is always a great idea! So happy that you can now travel with some peace!

  • Wow! I was going to suggest listening to classical music in the car to help calm him..but I never would've suggested a dairy allergy! How on earth did you figure that out?

  • Thanks! I'm glad to have a solution. Even though it's hard cutting out dairy from my diet, I have to say it's a good weight loss plan! :-) Most yummy things have dairy! lol

  • wow i wouldnt think something like that would cause that much of a fuss. well i guess i learned something new.

  • I had that problem with my little girl before but by letting her to listen to the music helps.

  • I LOVE music for kids of any age-and adults as well for that matter!

    :) Jess