9 month old still not sleeping thru the night

  • Hi, my girl is 9 months old now and she is still not sleeping thru the night, she wakes once or twice for a bottle. I have always kept her in a routine so i dont understand what keeps her from sleeping. at 8 months she will sleep thru the night 3 nights in a row and then she will start waking up again. Doctor says she wont stop waking for a bottle until i stop giving her one but when she wakes she will whine first and if she doesnt get her bottle she will start crying and then she wont stop. I let her cry it out for the first time and she cried for 2 hours, it was so painful, i badly wanted to go get her.

    Im so worry because even though i work from home and  im always able to be with her, this broken sleep is really messing up my mood, and i feel that im always grumpy because i dont get a good night sleep.

    What to do???? Am i doing something wrong????

  • Well i think you're doing just fine. Her crying for a bottle could actually be her crying for some comfort. Maybe when she wakes up for a bottle try to soothe her back to sleep, and if she wakes up wait a little longer and go back in there and do it again. Keep doing this waiting a little longer each time she wakes before you go in. I won't lie you're going to have a couple of very rough nights, but in the end hopefully she will learn to put herself back to sleep instead of cry for the bottle.

  • Does she use a pacifier? I know some don't agree on introducing it, but if your doc and dentist think it's ok, it may be worth it to get your baby in a routine. Speaking of docs and dentists, 9 months would be prime early teething territory as well... ask one or both about what they recommend to treat teething. Everybody's happier with a good night's sleep!

  • It is tough, but sometimes you just have to bite the bullet and let her cry it out. That doesn't mean totally ignoring her though. Here is how I do it. First you have to plan it out so you can get lots of naps the day before. Then when she wakes up decide how you are going to handle it. Go in her room, give her back her pacifier and say" Shhh its nighttime". Then leave the room and wait for 3 minutes. Keep doing the same thing every time and then gradually back off how long you leave her cry..5 minutes, 7 minutes, 10 minutes. I don't ever go more than 10 minutes without going back in. If you need to pick her up to soothe her, then that is okay, but DON"T feed her. Eventually, she will fall asleep and then keep it up. By the second night she will wake up less and by the 3rd or 4th night she shouldn't wake up at all. Try this...but only once you have gotten a lot of naps in. When you are tired at night, then it doesn't work because it is too easy to just give in.

  • Thanks Brinny, 

    we have been having rough nights but im trying to keep calm and wait patiently until she finally goes to a healthy sleep patern. 

  • kuglitsch, I also experience that until now with my little girl age 1 year and 5 months old. Before she had a proper routine but as of now she change so easily that she always look for milk every late at night. 

  • Hope this idea would work...I will also do this to my little girl MommyRN4. 


  • How are you guys doing with your babies? It is hard to establish a good nightime sleep pattern, but it is needed for everyone's sanity! Update us on your progress!

  • Hi everyone ! My girl is doing so much better with her sleeping routine. I followed everyones advise and let her cry some. At the second night she cried much much less i should say just whine and bythe third night she slept thru the night and ever since then shes een sleeping thru the night. My husband and i are doing much better with our sleep. Im so happy i got your advices and i tha k you for that. 

  • This is GREAT news!  I love it when moms and dads share their success with us!  Great job on your part getting through what must have been a few anxious moments that first night.  I'm so glad that everything is going well,