baby with days and nights mixed up

  • Can someone tell me if there is an easy way to get a 6 week old baby to straighten out her days and nights.  All the sleep pattern is just the opposite.  It has been very hard especially now that Im back to work

  • OH gosh this sure does happen and will take a bit of work to get things turned around but it's very possible. The good news is that she is only six weeks old which will make things easier.  Now at six months my guess is that what she typically does is eat, look adorable, then sleep, then repeat.  What you are going to want to do is put her on some sort of clustered care (meaning you change her, hold her, feed her, then back to bed, then a few hours later start over and repeat.  If you can get her on a schedule like this she will do quesute well as you and I couldn't even keep total track of night and day given that schedule.  The best thing is to get her up in the morning whenever you two start your day (or want to), do her care as above and then put her down to sleep, then repeat.  She may full at first being put down.  Put her on her back , place her in her crib, then stand with your hand on her tummy and gently comfort her.  When she is asleep step away and go sleep yourself!  This often takes time, but honestly it will work.  When you are standing with her do not make eye contact, keep lights low, do not talk to her.  Just gently rock her with your hand lessening the rock as she drifts to sleep.  Good luck and let us know how things go.


  • Very helpful advise from you Jess_BabyRN, I will apply this also to my little girl.  I had a hard time also putting her to sleep.

  • Remylim-

    So glad you found this helpful.  I'm just looking back at my post and I wanted to apologize for the typos.  I am not sure what happened there!  I got a new computer recently and it does some autocorrecting that I then try to cut off, and i think i get some weird words that way!  I am going to need to do a bit more reading of what I'm submitting!  So, if any of that is unclear just let me know and I'll retype it out.  

    Keep us posted on how your kiddo is doing,