Baby's first birthday ideas—help!

  • I need some fun and creative ideas for my baby's first birthday. Do you have any ideas for great themes, birthday cake ideas, and fun festivities? – Bonnie, StrongMoms Facilitator

  • Nice post!!! Hazel only has 4 weeks until her first birthday and i still don't have a single plan in place. I'm thinking that we will probably just have a small get together with close family and friends. I do know that i am using a small crem-brule dish as a cake pan so Hazel can have her very own cake to dig into. Other than that maybe some balloons and noise makers would be fun.


  • Keep in mind that first birthday parties are more for the adults than the birthday honoree! One aspect of our kids' first birthday parties is that we bought one of the signable stuffed animals and had everyone who attended sign it. It has been a great keepsake for our family, especially consdiering several of our relatives have since passed. Congratulations to both of you on reaching this great milestone!

  • Yeah, kids really love to see balloons and also cakes, pasta,hotdogs and some clowns also.

  • My daughter's first birthday is now less than 3 weeks away. We are giving her a bath time fun (splish splash) party. Invited family and friends to be part of this great milestone. Cupcakes are going to have blue icing for a water look with white sprinkles for bubbles with a duck cupcake pick.

    We picked this theme cause she loves rubber ducks and bubble baths! I think she will have a blast...

  • I LOVE the bath time theme!  That is just too cute!  The thought that you put into each element on the cup cakes-wow, I am impressed!  I'm not sure if you have seen it but they do make chalk for the tub/walls that washes off.  It might be fun to get chalk for the older kids to write and draw with.  Or you could even use it to write "happy birthday" on the bathtub walls.  Just a thought.  Let us know how the big day goes.  


  • Cute ideas! Love the bath time party. So fun! For my little boy's first birthday, I took one of his favorite books (The Very Hungry Caterpillar) and based my party off of that. I made a caterpillar cake and served all the food that was in the book! Decorations were the polka dots that are all through out the book. It was pretty simple - AnswerDad is right - the first two parties are about the adults anyway. :-) Have fun! 

  • Awww I like the duckie bathtime one and the Hungry Catepillar idea. Those are super cute!!! Lets keep the ideas coming so we can look back on this thread for inspirations!!!!