trasition from crib/sharing a room

  • My daughter is 11 months now, but we just found out we are expecting again. She will be 20 months when the new baby arrives (hopefully we don't miscarry this time!). When did you all begin the transition from crib to bed. We will need to transition her to "big girl"bed for the baby to use the crib since they will be sharing a room at least for a little while-we live in a two bedroom home. ANy advice on making the transition go smoothly...

    How do you manage sharing a room with an infant and toddler? Advice/Tips would be appreciated.

  • It's a tough one... my girls were not ready to transition yet at 20 months. I would take it slow and not act on this until you have to... as you approach the time when you are going to the big girl bed, make sure you have safety in mind first and foremost. The begin slowly transitioning by having her take a few naps at first and then going from there. Good luck and congrats on your pregnancy!

  • Even if she isn't in her toddler bed before the new baby comes you should be fine. I think my daughter slept in the bassinet part of her pack-n-play for the first 3 months of her life. so you can buy some time if you need to. It just might be difficult for her to see the new baby taking over her space.