Life Adjustments

  • Since we have had kids, I can’t even begin to tell you all the ways our lives have been changed. I was recently watching a NFL playoff game and was refraining from yelling and screaming because I had a sleeping baby in the room. How times have changed! What have been some of the little ways you’ve had to adjust to kids? – Julie, StrongMoms Facilitator

  • WORKING!!! I am such a busy body and have to be doing something all the time. Working fulfilled that need for me, but with child care costs being so high any job that i got would just be to pay for child care. Doesn't really make since to me for someone else to care for and raise my daughter while i'm working so that i can bring home next to nothing. Not to mention that i don't really trust her in the hands of someone i don't really know. Especially with all of the reports of children being mistreated or harmed by their baby sitters or the people at day cares... So now i'm sewing at home. I used to quilt as a hobby before, but now i figure i might as well get paid for the time it takes away from my daughter.

  • It's kind of neat that you get to stay with your little girl! Certainly there are times you feel like pulling your  hair out and need some adult interaction, but hopefully your little girl will have some great memories of the early years with you at home. :-) I think it's great you are able to earn some money on the side with sewing! What kind of work do you mostly do for people? 

  • Yeah i love being able to be with her all the time, but i find myself talking to the Jehovah witness ladies that come to the door just for some adult conversation lol. I just recently finished a lacy babies quilt and this last week i have completed two diaper bags as gifts for baby showers and have a request for another. I'm trying to build up a stock of some stuff so i can open up an esty store, but i have to finish all of my uncompleted projects first. I haven't tried dabbling in clothes or anything, but this summer i'm going to try my hand at making some stuff for Hazel.

  • Brinny-I'm so impressed with your crafting abilities! Wow!  Do you scrap book at all?  What about pinterest?  I recently started a pinterest board and I really enjoy getting ideas and trying them out.  I made a white chocolate peppermint bark cheese cake off of pinterest for christmas eve dinner.  It was amazing if i do say so myself. lol.  Have you tried any of the craft ideas on there?


  • I have tried scrapbooking, but even with all of my artistic and creative abilities i just never could get into it. The only scrap book i have ever successfully completed is one i made during my pregnancy with Hazel. Her dad and I would regularly write letters to her from the time we found out we were expecting. we wrote all of our thoughts and feelings as well as our families reactions to the news of her arrival. So we have those in there along with pregnancy photos and her sonograms... I've never tried pinterest so i will have to check it out. I'm such a "50's home maker" if you get my drift. I must say that i have taken a real liking to sewing over the years though. It's Hard on the back but the end product is always rewarding and something to really be proud of. It seems like Hazel may follow in those footsteps as well. She really likes to play with my fabrics and is endlessly fascinated with my sewing machine and all of the sewing accessories.

  • WOW, I would love to be able to sew.  What is your favorite product so far?  That kiddo of yours must be one fashionable kiddo if you can sew for her.

    The scrapbooking is fun but can get really spendy, so if you aren't into it-stick with sewing.  One less hobby to support!  Plus there are so many ways to make online photo books now.  Times are changing.


  • Oh i have a TON of photos. Photography is one of my long time hobbies (10 years now) and i took over 5,000 photos one year. I didn't even realize how many i had taken until i was cataloging all of them. that is when i realized i had a problem...  I have yet to make anything for Hazel, but i have found a few patterns that are really cute,so this summer i think i will try to make her some dresses... I really like the creativity that goes into making quilts.. from designing the pattern, choosing from the various colors and fabrics.. I especially like to mix textures, and even the tedious task of putting it together carefully so that all of the corners line up and the face of the quilt lies flat, and finally seeing it all come together. I used to wonder why those quilts at cracker barrel are a minimum of 155 dollars, and after finishing my first one i realized why. Even though i really love quilting, i'm finding myself getting into making bags. they come together much more quickly and easily and there is a bit more room for error. Mostly i think as long as i have a project or something that will keep my mind turning i will like whatever it is i'm making. You really should try sewing if you're interested. It is pretty easy once you get the hang of it, you just have to be mindful of what you're doing.

  • I have adjusted my sleep schedule. I used to sleep until 11am or noon, but now I can't sleep any later than 9am. I am usually up at 8am. He goes to bed early, so I do too, and we get up early. I feel much better on this schedule anyway. He is a very versatile baby, so we still go out and do a lot like before, but not as much. He doesn't mind crowds or loud noises so we still do some things we use to do. He also doesn't cry much (unless he has a good reason such as teething pain) so we still eat out on occasion with him with us too.

  • Yes, everything has change when you have a child most especially your attitude. You need to show to your child the good things/ you need to show yourself as a good example for them. When you had a child also you need to adjust your schedule and everything. For me, I had changed a lot but still happy of the outcomes.