My 5 month old has 6 teeth already.. How do I teach him not to bite me while breastfeeding him??

  • I read different ways to try to teach him.  But I will not pull his hair and he is to young to understand no. I pull him off and it just frustrates him more .  Making it worse on both of us.  Any advice??   He is only 5 months old and is a very happy baby all the time. 

  • I ran into the same thing when my daughter was around 8 months old.. and she still attempts it from time to time. What i have been doing is saying saying ouch and pulling her off and telling her no don't bite. At first she didn't understand what I was saying, but persistence prevailed and she eventually figured it out. Now she will try it from time to time, i'm guessing to test her boundaries, but i have stuck with ouch, don't bite.. and she stops for a while. Have you figured out the reason he's been biting? for my daughter it was because she figured out she could.

  • I usually found that a natural reaction to being bit worked well. The first time my son bit me while I was breastfeeding, I screamed cause it hurt. That scared him and then he cried. The next time he did it, I did the same thing and pulled him off. He got the idea within a week. 

  • That really hurts! Not fun at you find that the biting happens towards the end of the feeding? I read (and found for myself to be true) that babies bite when they are done feeding and rather bored on the breast, looking for something to do. Perhaps consider taking him off when he is showing signs of finishing the feeding and see if you can avoid the biting. I did the same thing MommyRN4 did - I screamed because it hurt so badly and he cried and cried. He didn't do it for a while but then when he did it again, I took him off the breast and laid him on a blanket and walked away. This happened twice and he learned pretty quickly that I wouldn't let him keep nursing if he bit me! Hope this helps a bit...good luck!