I'm really confused... How old is my baby?

  • Ok this might sound really silly... But I'm a first time mom and I'm kinda confused my daughter was born on November 1st 2012, so how old is she ??? I've been saying that she's three (3) months old as of date (12 feb 2013) but other people and also this website on the home page of my profile it says she's four months.... I don't know what's what... Someone please help and please don't judge me or be mean thank you....

  • Ok well first.. no one here is mean so no worries there. Second i think you're completely valid in asking this question. The age thing can be fairly confusing. Traditionally we are taught that one month is 4 weeks long, but then sometimes you have a month that is 5 weeks long, If you count every 4 weeks then eventually you're going to be off by a month. So i find it easier to just go by the date my daughter was born. So for example since she was born on the 24th i would roll over to the next age on the 24th of each month. I'm not sure how doctors offices do it.. and frankly i don't care and it doesn't really matter. All medications go off of weight and the doctors offices decide when the next appointment should be scheduled.. and it's all an approximation anyways. so as long as she is developing normally and you are pretty close to her age then you're doing just fine.  Oh and by the way i have found that your home page rolls over a week to a week and a half early.. i'm guessing to help prepare you for the next month. if you read those you'll find all kinds of helpful information and tips to help development. Anyway congrats on your little girl and i hope this helps a little.

  • Oh and one last thing.. 4 months means she's in her 4th month. 

  • I am so glad that you brought this question here as I think lots of people will benefit.  You are right-it really is confusing, and Brinny brought to light the things that are confusing about it!  In the doctors office we actually count out days!  Can you believe that?  So if they are two months (30days each) and 5 more days old it would be recorded as "2 months and 5/7 days".  Confusing, hugh?!  I like the way Brinny described it though and I love that she highlighted other important things about growth and development.

    Please keep the questions going-these are good ones!


  • Thank you for the feedback 

  • Thank you ver much

  • I understand it clearly.