Dad looking for help getting twin b/g sleeping through night

  • Hi all, My wife and i are deperatly trying to figure out how to get the twins to sleep through the night.  I think we are doing most of the right things, but would love to hear your opinions and ideas...

    Twins are 6 weeks old.  We feed them at the same time..or one right after other..pending who wakes up first.  We always wake the other after feeding first. They seem to be on a three hour feeding schedule..  Here are a few other things we do.

    We only put them in their (seperate) cribs for noon nap and at nighttime...At this time, we make sure we swaddles them good. Their room is dark and we have a air cleaner running for white noise.  During the day, they nap in their pack-n-play, swing, boppy, etc...  We do not try to keep thing quite...  My wifes supply just dried up, so they are each drinking between  3-4 ounces of formula.....  I have been considering Feeding them every 3 hours, on the dot durring day, hoping that they will get their fill at either the 9pm or midnight feeding.. and sleep till morning..has anyone else tried this (un)successfully?


    Thanks for any help you can provide :?)


    The Kramers

  • Have u tried letting them sleep together?  I had twins almost 2 years ago.  They would eat every 4 hrs so their last feeding would b at midnight. They would sleep until 5 or 6 am.  Good Luck

  • My twin boys are preemies and I had a difficult time getting them to sleep through the night. I don't know if them being premature had anything to do with it, but I was told they won't start sleeping through the night until they started gaining more weight and to be around 12lbs. They are both around 13-15lbs. and they will be 6 months old next week. They started sleeping well about a month ago. I put them in a crib together. From my experience, It was definetly hard to do while they were eating every 3 hours. I've tried everything imaginable. I don't really have any advice. Of course all babies are different. I give them a bath and a bottle and they usually pass out around 7:30-8 and sleep until 7. Sometimes one of them will wake around 4 for a bottle and then go back to sleep til 7. Try getting them on some sort of schedule before bed, like a bath and a bottle right after. Good Luck and Congrats! Multiples are absolutly a blessing but a difficult challenge!