3 in 1car seat

  • hi ladies,i wanna know if the 3 in 1 car seat is confortable for a new born and also if you can face it in the car?thanks

  • Your best bet is to check the weight limits for the car seat. Your little one has to be the appropriate weight that the carseat is designed for. Many of the 3 in 1 seats aren't designed with a newborn in mind. Let us know what you find out! 

  • My new convertible car seat ranges from 5 pounds to 70 pounds. and can rear face until the child reaches i think 44 pounds or one inch from the top of the frame. It comes with a newborn booster so that they sit at the proper height, angle and fit the harness correctly. There are a couple of down sides to it though the first is that my particular car seat is very expensive ($400) and like all convertible car seats you can't carry it around. For a newborn i would recommend getting a pumpkin seat so that you can easily tote it around with you, unless of course you want to use a baby backpack, or sling carrier everywhere you go.

  • The one I bought came with a booster for new born.its start from 5 to 100 .thank you so much for your help.
  • Interesting! Good to know about the infant booster - that's a good feature to ensure the newborn is sitting at the appropriate angle. Sounds like they can be expensive but if you are able to get by with only one car seat for your baby's entire childhood, it may end up not being any more expensive than buying two different car seats. Let us know how it works for you! 

  • Well ours was only super expensive because my fiance had to have the Peg-Perego from Italy. Don't get me wrong I Loved the Peg-Perego pumpkin seat, and love our new seat, But we certainly could have gotten by with a $200 Britax which has the same safety features and id held to the same safety standards.