My 3 month old doesnt nap more than hour if im not there

  • my daughter she naps either i have to hold to sleep or pat her on her butt and i want her to sleep on her own without waking up every  5 minutes but i dony know how too 

  • SofiEmi-

    This is a really common concern amongst parents here t strongmoms, so you are def. not alone in this!  I'm going to go through how I approach this problem with babies I've cared for in the hospital.  Their sleep gets very turned around!  They get through it and so will your baby.  After you rad this I'd encourage you to look back on other posts on the board as there are a lot of other parents with sleep questions similar to this and so that my help you as well.  

    Here is the advice I give on this, let me know if you have questions or concerns!-

    1-"Bundle" the care you give your baby so that you feed, change, hold and cuddle baby on a schedule and all at once (that's the bundle part).  At her age I'd assume that she needs to eat every 4-5ish hours.  Whatever  frequency of feeding that she needs to continue to gain weight, grow and thrive is fine-but pick an interval in hours to do her care and feeding  I wouldn't go less than 3 hours bc you both need some sleep!  So lets say for example that she is going to be on a 4 hour schedule.  So do her care at 8-12-4-8-12-4.  

    2-Once she is fed, changed and you are done holding her bundle her (and I usual bundle tight, but for those that don't like bundling-baby on back in crib with blanket tucked tightly around her.  Make sure its well below her chin so that the blanket isn't near her face.

    3-I love binkis as they are one way a baby this age can comfort themselves, so I would use a binki.  So baby on back, binki in mouth for comfort and tucked in snuggly also for comfort.  Now-room light off or dim, noise down, and your job is to place her on her back in her crib.   You can put your hand gently on her tummy and either let your presence with hand comfort her, or gently rock her with your hand.  Don't make eye contact and dont' talk to her other than to make a shhhh sound or talk quietly, sing lu-luby, etc.  If she fusses don't pick her up-just be consistent with the above tactic (hand on tummy/rock).  

    4-Once she is asleep you cn sneak out.  If you then hear her crying give her a minute to settle herself before you run in.  If she doesn't settle then go in (don't make eye contact or talk), gently help her back into a good position on her back, then repeat process as above.

    5-Night one is rough, night two is markedly better, night three is rough, and then things seem to go well.  Some babies do great and after night one they are rockstar sleepers.  The key is that they have comfort, security, and warmth.

    I hope this helps.  Also I wanted to mention that if you feel she is having any pain or physical issues bc sure to have her doc take a good look at her.



  • Have you tried swaddling her when she lays down? A white noise machine can also be very helpful. Does she do the same thing at night or just have difficulty napping? Having a routine when your child goes to bed can be helpful. Usually a feeding, book, song, and couple minutes rocking and then lay your child down to sleep awake. The sooner you get her used to going down awake, the more helpful it'll be! 

  • thanks i wil try this


  • Keep us posted on how things are going!