Taking your baby to the zoo—and other fun firsts!

  • I loved taking my baby to the zoo for the first time. He especially liked the bird habitat and the reptile house because he could get close to see the animals. What other fun places do you take your baby to? -- Bonnie, StrongMoms Facilitator

  • The Zoo is one of my favorite places in the world.. No Joke. I have always loved ALL animals and zoos and aquariums are like my wonderland. I have been to many all over the country and i will say of the zoos i have been to my favorites are The Washington DC Zoo, The Indianapolis Zoo, and The Cincinnati Zoo... The one and only Zoo i detest is the Chaffe Zoo in California. All of the animals are just crowded into small spaces.... Anyhow  I have yet to take hazel to a Zoo because i think that she would be too overwhelmed by some of the animals. I have taken her to the pet store and she's afraid of the kitties behind the glass lol. I think that i will be taking her to an aquarium soon though. We have a fish tank at our house and she loves watching the fish, so i think she would really enjoy an aquarium. Another place i'm excited to take her is the Indianapolis Childrens Museum. They have so many awesome exhibits that i think she would enjoy.

  • When our first son was born, we made it a point to take him everywhere with us. From day one we wanted him to be used to being in the car, the stroller, wagon, you name it. We took him to the Camden NJ Aquarium which is amazing, the Brooklyn Aquarium and pretty much every museum we could think of. Now that he's 7 and we just had our second son, we intend to do the same. Luckily our first is always up to go to new places. Last year we took him to DC to the zoo, air and space museum, Washington monument and various automotive museums as he's a HUGE car buff.

  • What great places to take kiddos-the zoo and aquarium! What about the state fair-fun rides?  Disney?  Princess castle!  Oh so many great places to go with kids!

    :) Jess

  • We go to a great children's museum in the area! So much fun stuff to do there. We also love to go to the beach and throw rocks, look at fish, etc. The library is a fun place for my kiddos too - we love story time and picking out new books at each visit! 

  • I used to LOVE the library when I was a kid-so much magic there in those stories!  What about Children's museums?  We have a good one here in Seattle.  Or Children's Theater?  


  • That's fun! I plan to take my son to the beach and the zoo this year and it will be his first time to both places!

  • I really love to take my baby to the beach. She really loves swimming eventhough she don't know how to swim yet.

  • Story time at the library is also fun and our mall has a carosel that is nice!