3rd shift job ): help!

  • Hello everyone! I'm a first time mom, and wouldn't trade the world for anything else. My baby is 3.5 months old and I have to go back to work. ): 

    I have no choice, but to work 3rd shift bc that's all they had available. I'm afraid I won't get the proper time with her that we both deserve bc I'll be so tired from working and sleep all day. Does anyone have any advice?

  • My family has gone through similar experience. We now have four kids and my wife is currently out on maternity leave. When she goes back to work there will be a few weeks where she will become very depressed that she has to leave the kids for part of the day. Despite our discussions regarding what we need to do to provide for four children financially, it is hard to make this sacrifice seem worth it. However, you need to provide the basics: food, shelter, medical care and clothing for your baby and we need to work to do that.. These basics are more important than even quality time for mom and dad, even though emotionally we have a hard time accepting these facts. You will make it work the best you can but it will not be easy.. it is the classic battle between your heart and your mind. Your mind will win and your heart will likely be a little bit broken, but even broken hearts heal. Good luck and in the meantime cherish every moment you have with your beautiful baby.

  • Thanks! I know i've been extremely lucky that Chris could afford for me to be off this long. I just don't want to be the parent that's never there, especially if it barely gets up by. Thank you again (: It's just something i'm going to have to do lol

  • Clark-

    oh gosh I have spent many nights up working third shift.  My advice to you is to take really good are of yourself.  Set out sleep time that is consistent and make sure you use it to sleep.  Eat healthy foods.  Put that kiddo in the stroller or backpack and go walking (aka-get some exercise).  The key that I found (in case you haven't figured it out) is that you need to take really good care of yourself to be able to have the energy to care for a baby.


  • Jess- Thanks! I was thinking along those lines I never thought about the eating healthy lol but I always try at least. I was thinking a workout after i got off work, or do you think nap first? she usually sleeps more in the morning so i was thinking I try and get my sleep then. Do you use any pills or  caffeine to keep you up for work?

  • I worked 3rd shift for a while when i first moved home, and it took a little while to adjust to being up all night. For the first couple of weeks i had to drink a ton of caffeine to keep me awake and would crash as soon as i got home. after about a month it was easier to be up all night and by the end of the second month i was just fine and it was just the same as working during the day, only with scarier people. I did not have my daughter at that time so i'm sure adding a baby to the mix would certainly shake things up a little, but as with everything you will adjust in time.


  • Clarkf-

    It might be good to exercise before you go to work.  For most people the endorphins that get released in your brain when you exercise are stimulating.  I totally think it's perfect to sleep when baby sleeps-take advantage of that!  So far as pills/caffeine be careful with this stuff.  I drink one coffee before work and then 1 soda at night.


  • Brinny- yea that's what I was hoping after a month or two it's start to click lol (:

    Jess_BabyRN - I didn't even think about exercising b4 work lol but that makes sense and yea I don't personally want to use them, but if I had to

  • Clark-

    Are you working every night, or just a few?  How many hours?  I think one of the most important pieces of making this work is figuring out what to do on your nights off.  Let me know what your schedule is like and I'll see if I can come up with anything else that might be helpful.

    Take good care,


  • Jess- I'm working 3 nights a week only 8 hours a night. so far today I've only been able to sleep a couple hours. Chris working the mid shift is killin me.

  • I know when i worked nights it helped a lot if i could put my body on an every day 1/2 night/day schedule so i wasn't totally flip-flopping every day.  So, go to bed later every night and get up later everyday.  Baby will do fine on this schedule as well.


  • I'll have to try it out then, makes sense to do that

  • Smart idea with the half night/day schedule - that's worth a try! Your baby will be fine, too, with sleeping different hours as long as she gets that sleep one way or another. :-) Wishing you luck! 

  • Clark-

    Just wanted to check in and see how things are going. :)  Would love an update.


  • It's going well work wise. I enjoy 3rd shift actually, I get pretty tired on the 3rd day lol