Baby's first birthday ideas—help!

  • I need some fun and creative ideas for my baby's first birthday. Do you have any ideas for great themes, birthday cake ideas, and fun festivities? --Bonnie, Strongmoms facilitator

  • For Hazel we did a Pink Hippo Theme since she has a pink hippo security blanket that she absolutely loves and takes everywhere with her. I found a really awesome online party supply website that actually had pink hippo stuff (and i looked everywhere). So maybe you can think of what your childs absolute favorite thing is and theme the party around that. if you can't find a cake to match your theme you can take any image you want to walmart and have it put on edible paper to be put on your cake... I just piped a pink hippo on hazels cake because her dad says the edible paper is gross. I also made her, her very own cake with a large souffle dish so that she could just dig into it. I must say though her favorite things from her party were the balloons and a toy tambarine i had tied her hippo foil balloon to. she would bat it around like it was one of those blow up punch clowns.