Sensory issues and feeding

  • My friend's little boy has sensory issues that make introducing new foods a bit challenging. Her doctor told her to keep introducing a variety of different tastes and textures so he will get used to them. Did any of you have difficulty feeding your baby foods? How did you get them used to odd textured foods?

    -Bonnie, StrongMoms Facilitator

  • I think that the important thing is to be consistent and take it slow.  I think it would be easy to get discouraged, but slow and steady wins the race.  


  • Remember that just because your friend's baby seems to reject a food doesn't mean that it's a rejected food forever. Keep a log of the foods you offer, wait the 3 days to see that there's no allergic reaction. After trying a different food that is also successfully tolerated, come back to the previous food and offer it again. Make each feeding a calm and pleasant environment. Lots of smiles, singing, praise, etc. Also make sure that the temperature of the food is mild (not too hot or cold) and that the spoon is rubber and smooth against the baby's mouth. Tell your friend not to be discouraged. At the end of toddlerhood, every baby eats. Even adults have food preferences!

    If the baby is on the low end of the weight spectrum and is demonstrating true feeding difficulties, perhaps an evaluation with an Early Intervention agency might be in order. The pediatrician will refer her when it's warranted.

    Good luck!