Helpful Hands

  • What are some of the most helpful things that people did for you after you had your baby? I really appreciated my family coming to take my 3 year old out to play so that I could rest with my newborn. It was such a big help! --Julie, Strongmoms facilitator

  • I love that your friend came and did something with your older child.  This is such a great way for the older child to start their journey as that "special big brother or sister"!  Great friend!


  • I had postpartum depression so I got a lot of extra help from my mom and dad and my fiance. They stayed with me throughout the day while my fiance was at work so I would feel better.

  • It sounds like you have some wonderful support in your life Miss Pammie.  That is awesome! Big Smile

  • Miss Pammie - sometimes just having another person around is so reassuring. I love it when people come and just lift you up with their presence and help. I also love a good home cooked meal! 

  • It is wonderful the great things family and friends do when you have a baby... I am always a fan of precooked ready for freezer meals. We didn't have to cook a single meal the first week we were home from the hospital!