Table Foods

  • I am trying to give my son more of a variety of table foods, but I am not sure what to give him. He is 11 months old and will be 1 year old later this month. He loves bread, so we give him whole grain or whole wheat bread, and we give him baby yogurt and baby food. He also eats rice rusks and little puff snack things. What else should I give him? I tried giving him scrambled eggs one time and he seemed to have trouble swallowing it (they were very small pieces) and I think it was because of the texture of it. Anyway, any advice is appreciated!

  • i think it really depends on the child, and how many teeth they have. I have been feeding my daughter whatever we eat since she was your sons age and i have phased out baby food all together. I also did it really slowly with one food at a time. She seemed to do best with foods that she could gum a lot like chicken. you could try cooked carrots and peas because they are pretty soft but still have some substance. it could be that he's just not used to swallowing more solid foods... just keep at it and if you are having any concerns give his doctor a call so you can work out what would be in his best interest.

  • Have you tried any veggies?  Baby food-squash, carrots and peas are hot items in that age range!!  Also what about fruits?  Baby bananas and peaches might be a good thing to try.  Let us know how it goes!


  • This probably echoes some of the other people's posts but my kids liked things like advocado slices, bananas, steamed baby carrots, peas, hummus on sticks of bread, stewed fruit mashed up and dipped on sticks of toast, roasted sweet potato sticks, etc. Hope this gives you a few ideas! 

  • Thanks for the ideas. I am continuing to give him new things to eat. He still likes bread the best though.

  • Glad the ideas were helpful. He must be a carb man. :) hehe.  Keep trying new things, not to sound like my mom but, he won't know if he likes it unless he tries it.

    Keep us posted with how things are going,


  • Miss Pammie - you are doing the right thing. Just keep introducing new stuff and then repeat it over and over. If he sees you eating those things too, that can be helpful. Exposing him to a variety of foods is so good for him! 

  • Thanks. I have been and he is eating more and more table foods and hardly having formula at all now. I am worried about him getting enough liquids though.

  • If you're worried about him having enough liquids just make sure he has a sippy cup of water available to him all day; He will drink when he is thirsty. Ask your babys doctor how many wet diapers he should be having a day and as long as he meets the minimum of that number then he's just fine. For My daughter I giver her a sippy of water that she can have all day long, and then i use a separate sippy for breakfast lunch and dinner drinks.

  • Brinny hit the nail on the head so far as hydration.  I think that it's important to just make sure he is having about how many weight diapers now as he was having prior to the changes in his diet.  Also does he have tears when he cries?  Does him mouth seem moist?  The thing about kids is that they are much better than adults at judging hunger and satiety as well as thirst.  I think that they don't have all the social messages around food yet and listen to their bodies well.  If not drinking formula is he drinking other things?  Another important thing is to look at the water content of the food he is eating.  For example ice cream, jello, soups-all have fluids in them and I think sometimes we forget this.

    Keep us posted,


  • Isn't it crazy how you get one thing nailed down, like a better variety of foods, and then there is another thing to worry about right away? I just wanted to tell you that you are doing a good job!! Your little guy is blessed to have a great mother like you.  :-)