Can’t live without it!

  • Now that you have your baby and are taking care of him/her, you’ve probably found that you have at least one thing that you received as a baby gift (or bought) that you can’t live without! Share what it is so that we can all benefit! Mine happens to be my swaddle blankets. My little boy wakes himself up constantly when he is not in them – they are life savers.  -Julie, StrongMoms Facilitator

  • we cant live with his crib mobile, its a life saver, my daughters teacher give to us, and if its not on when I put baby to bed, forget it, but on then her goes to sleep on his own oh and his little hand held blanket with a elephant animal that rattles on the end of it....he has to have this to hold at bedtime and naps as well..

  • Ok Julie, I hope I get more than one "can't live without it" item.  In caring for kiddos it's the infamous swing at the top of my list.  A close second is baby "sacks" as I call them.  These are the onsies that are like dresses but have a string around the bottom, or elastic to pull closed.  I love these at night as they make those diaper changes quick and easy!