Preemie babies/separation anxiety

  • My baby was born 11 weeks early.  Although he is a healthy 8 month old (chronological age) his corrected age is 6 months.  I have worked really hard on getting him into a bed time routine.  Its bath, bottle and bed.  He will sleep from 7:30/8pm- 5am.  Here lately he has been waking up at random times.  I know some people tell me to let him fall back asleep on his own or wait to see what he wants to do.  I do wait about 5min to see if he will fall asleep.  He wont until I pick him back up and as soon as I do this he goes back to sleep.  I have tried to put him back down in his pack and play but he will wake back up an hour later.  I do know what else to do, to help him through this.  Also, how long did it take new mommys to move their baby out of their room into their own crib.  I am having a hard time letting go. Thank you :)

  • I totally empathize with how hard it must be to "let go" after seeing your baby in the NICU for that long.  I think that is a very normal response.  So far as helping him learn to sleep alone...when he wakes give him a few minutes to resettle.  If he is still fussing then go to his side, leave lights off, do not make eye contact.  Offer him a toy, binki, blanket to sooth with and gently run his head, or tummy-to help with soothing.  Once he settles step back out.  You may have to repeat this several times.  The more times you have success the faster he will relearn to fall asleep alone.

  • It's tough to figure out how to handle bedtime routines! I think that his corrected age of 6 months is the one to go with and 6 month olds often wake up at night and need a little soothing. However, you may find that he sleeps more deeply when he is in his own room in a crib. I think a lot of mothers switch over to cribs somewhere around 3 months or so. Both my boys did better when in their own rooms. Give it a try - it can be tough at first but it'll all work out! 

  • We switched out at about 3-4 months... he is not quite at the age where he can successfully "cry it out" but he shouldn't get used to you coming in and holding him, feeding him or playing with him. Jess's answer sounds great to me... good luck!