• My little man is teething and is not having a very easy time of it. My older son never even fussed with teeth – I would look in his mouth and realize that a couple more popped out! I’d appreciate hearing how you all have dealt with teething and ways to make it easier for both me and my son. --Julie, Strongmoms facilitator

  • We didn't have any issues with hazels Front 4 teeth (4 on top, 4 on bottom), even her eye teeth are popping through now and they don't seem to really bother her, but her mollers are a different story. What i have been doing for her and have also done in the past when she was teething is made her popcicles that she can chew and suck on. I made baby safe ones by doing this...

    Supplies: Doc Brown bottle cap,  Baby Fruit sack with ring,  liquid to freeze (Hazel likes lemonade)

    pour the liquid into the cap to the lower ridge then put the fruit sack upside down in the cap. Carefully put into the freezer and wait a couple of hours until frozen. 


    Other things i have done that she likes is frozen fruit (bananas, strawberries, peaches...) in her fruit sack.

    Basically anything really cold that he can chew on will help alleviate his pain and help those teeth come through faster.  other than that have you tried teething tablets or strips? I prefer the strips for babies who still take a pacifier (because you can stick the strip to the tip of the pacifier and let the baby suck on it), both work well when it seems nothing else is helping. good luck.

  • My favorite trick is putting wet wash clothes in the freezer and chilling until cold but bendable.  Then baby can suck and chew to his/her hearts content. -Jess

  • Thanks guys! I'm gonna try the frozen fruit and wash cloth! Both are great ideas! I have a friend who even freezes some of her breast milk the way you did the lemonade, Brinny. Kinda funny but I guess it would work! 

  • At what age do they start teething or does it vary for every child? My daughter is three months and people have asked me if she's teething because of all the drool and chewing on her fingers and hand.

  • The age when a baby begins to teeth varies from baby to baby. There are general ages when babies typically begin to teeth, just the same as there is an average for height and weight for their age, but like with everything your baby is an individual and will begin to teeth when they are ready. My daughter started teething at around 3 months and my friends daughter got her first tooth at 7 months...  What you are describing with the drool and chewing is consistent with teething. I suggest keeping bibs handy and lots of things to chew on.