• I would like to get some tips from you to travel with a 14 week old from New jersey to Texas.

    What should I not leave home without? I am using powder formula how should I prepare or not for check points so it does not get thrown out or spoiled?

    Plain pressure change, car seat etc

    Any tips help or shared experience would be great

    Much appreciated


  • I've done quite a bit of flying with my kids and I found that they were easiest when they were really young because they slept a lot! A couple of things come to mind - 

    -I believe most airports have exceptions for formula bottles - they have a way of screening them so that they don't have to dump it out. I'd try calling the airport and seeing what their policy is. To be safe, you could just have some bottles and formula powder separate in the bag and add water to them after you are through the gate. 

    -Make sure to try and feed your little one when you are taking off and landing - the swallowing will help to keep their ears pain free with the pressure change. 

    -If you have the money, purchasing an extra seat for the baby can be really nice to strap their carseat in and put them there to sleep. If not, no worries - just bring a comfy blanket to wrap them up in. You can check your car seat and stroller under the plane at the gate. Go to the ticket counter as soon as you get to the gate. They'll give you tags for your strollers and they will board you first before other people. 

    -I brought a travel pillow for me (the kind that goes around your neck) because once my kids fell asleep in my arms, there was no way I was moving!! Being able to rest my head to the side on the pillow helped me to sleep a bit too. 

    -Bring a change of clothes in case of a blow out and you probably will have to change diapers on your lap in the bathroom. There is usually no changing table. 

    Hope this helps a bit!! 

  • Julie did an awesome job with ideas for traveling with baby.  She hit on just about everything that i can think of.  Hope you have a great trip!  It seems that everyone is getting ready for summer trips.  Too fun!