Rolling over

  • My daughter, just started to roll from back to tummy about 3 weeks ago, will only roll onto her tummy from her left side. I have tried to get her to roll from her right side, but she's not going with it.

    My question is, did you guys have this happen too?

  • That's great that she is rolling over.  I think it's common for kids to have one way that they prefer.  I would play with her on a blanket or mat on the floor and try to get her to practice rolling the other way.  She will get it! ;)


  • thats what i've been doing i'll keep it up, just glad to hear it's common

  • My daughter only rolled one direction. She always rolled left. She stills rolls left to help herself get to her feet. I wouldn't stress over it. Some babies just prefer one way over the other!

  • You guys are really making me feel better! I was kind of worried she might be learning too slow. I know all babies have their own pace.

  • So glad that this was helpful! :)  -Jess

  • thanks jess (:

  • Enticing her with a favorite toy is a great tactic. Sometimes we get wrapped up in seeing our children accomplish certain things and hitting milestones, but it sounds like your daughter is right where she should be and I am sure she will roll onto the other side in the very near future. 

  • Thanks AnswerDad i feel a lot better

    She's been trying to bear crawl vs actual crawl lol she's prob gunna walk first seems like

  • They initially learn to do it one way. Some babies go from tummy to back, but can't go from their back to their tummy for a while. It depends on the child. She'll get the hang of it in all ways possible soon, don't worry!

  • My little man only crawled backwards for the longest time! Hahaha - it was pretty cute but just when I was wondering if he'd ever figure it all out, he went right to taking some steps. Go figure! Babies don't do everything the way we plan out for them too. ;-) 

  • Hey everyone! Thanks for all the help, she started crawling around the 23rd hahaha (: and then started sitting up around the 1st and she's been standing with support since the 4th, so any day now she's going to be walking lol. I guess nothing to worry about (:

  • Great news! My oldest never crawled... they were worried that she wasn't crawling, then she skipped right to walking. I was worried, but that incident gave me patience and helps me from worrying about this milestone or that milestone. Every child is different and has their own development timetable.

  • Thanks! (: and yea, maybe I have to high of expectations already

  • Oh my gosh sounds like she's about ready to go!  Let us know when the big day arrives!