Infant Swimming

  • I've been looking around about infant swimming, and I am personally stating off as early as possible. I'm starting mine off at home, and doing more research on what I'll do next.

    I was curious as to how old you started teaching your little one(s) to swim? How did you do it(home or swimming instructions at a gym, etc)? How did it go? If there is anything you could change about how you did it what would it be?


  • How fun!  My mom used to be a swimming teacher and so she took me to the pool when I was little.  I'd be careful about chlorine in pools with little ones, and would wait until baby is over 8 months.  The tub is a great place to practice before hitting the pool!


  • awesome! I saw there was controversy on when to start. I was wondering about chlorine. Right now just the tub (:

  • We worked on swimming using the bathtub once my daughter was sitting up unassisted. We worked on kick and paddle. She is now 14.5 months and we have been taking her to an indoor pool for a month now and she is learning to swim by combining the taught skills from the tub in the pool. 

    She is now learning how to "deadman float" because research has shown that if a child falls into a pool doing "deadman's float" can save their lives. Start when you feel comfortable, but if your child doesn't feel it yet wait a little longer!

  • I agree with the others. I have just signed my daughter up for July swimming classes (they call it puddle jumpers around here until age three). Our cities recreation center requires the baby to be a minimum of 6 months old, so check with your local recreation center to see what their requirements are first. IF your baby meets that age requirement then i would just ask your doctor if they think it would be safe for your child to be exposed to the chlorine at that early of an age... I didn't have a choice, my the time my daughter was old enough classes were already over so this will be her first season. But like skatieyonts suggested you could always just do your own swim lessons in the tub or a baby pool.

  • -skatieyonts that's kinda what I was wonting to do (: and I heard about the "deadman float" but it said a lot of babies don't like being on the backs and it's hard to teach them, so I was going to go to a professional for that.

    -Brinny that's too bad! at least she's getting to try it this year. I'll ask my doc, I think I said before I didn't even think about the chlorine issue, I know her father brought it up. I might end up having to wait bc she has eczema, but better ask then never know (: