Playing Alone

  • Today my mother and aunt(her best friend) came over to visit. Well my aunt was saying how I need to let my daughter cry if the only reason she's crying is bc she wants me next to her.

    My issue is I don't want my baby to cry, I know how important it is for her to do stuff on her own, but I can't help but want to sooth her. She's 5 months old, when did you guys stop going to every cry?

  • It's so hard to hear our little ones cry-I totally agree, makes the heart ache.  It is really important though that babies learn to self sooth.  This is a skill they are going to ned their entire life.  Helping them find a way to comfort themselves and supporting them in making this transition is so important.  Some things that help little ones might be a binki, a blanket,or a stuffed animal.  When baby is fussy you give the baby their comfort item and then start slowly weaning the comfort that you directly give and allow them to rely on comfort item you gave them more and more.

    I know it's hard, let us know how things are going,


  • To be honest I should have, but I didn't even think about comfort items, thanks! I know she'll suck her thumb and that calms her a bit. I'll keep you posted.