Does anyone have any good homemade baby foood recipes?

  • I was just wondering if anyone had any good homemade baby food recipes.  I never tried making my own baby food and would like some simple recipes for my little guy. 

  • How old is your little one? Depending on his age and experience with food you can easily make your own. Many of my recipes that i have call for boiling whatever food you want to try out then pureeing it in a blender until it is the consistency you want. You just add the water you cooked it in to make the food thinner or thicker.  I personally prefer steaming the food because it will retain more nutrients than with boiling, but the process is the same from there.Start off with one food at a time to weed out food allergies (veggies first because a lot of babies will prefer the sweetness of the fruit and then reject the veggies because they are not as sweet) once the baby is older you can combine different foods and make mini meals. hope this helps a little.

  • My best advice is to look at the food combinations at the grocery store and then use those as a basis for yours. I start off with pureed sweet potatoes and pureed green beans and then go to the applesauce and the pureed bananas. When he or she can handle food combinations you can try fun ones like at the store...some of my favorites are sweet potato and apple, apple cinnamon oatmeal, banana pineapple delight, corn, sweet potato, and apple,---and green beans and carrots. Good luck.

  • I would be interested in the banana pineapple delight recipe. Do you mind sharing?

  • I have a baby food cook book. Its called "The Baby and Toddler Cookbook".

  • Absolutely! I mash up a bit of banana and add some rice cereal to it. Then I add a few tablespoons of pineapple juice to the mixture and water to get it to the desired consistency. If your baby needs it pureed...then just puree the mixture before adding the rice cereal to it. This is best to give babies who are at least 9 months because the pineapple juice can be a bit acidic for the littler guys. 

  • Here's a great recipe for when your baby is a bit older and your doctor says it's ok to add pureed chicken. Bake or boil one skinless/boneless chicken breast for about 20 minutes or until cooked. While the chicken is cooking, bake/boil/steam one sweet potato. When both are cooked cut into cubes and put in a blender and add 5-6 grapes and puree until its the thickness you want. My son LOVES this. He also likes chicken with broccoli and cauliflower. 

  • I know I saw a video about it. I believe I don't know if you can put links on here, but I just googled it and put in "homemade baby food" and it was 9th down and said "Simple Homemade baby food-Parents"

    it talked a lot about veggies and also chicken. Hope that helps (: