• My son is 3.5 months old and just started teething... Is it common for babies to sleep more when they are teething? He is sleeping 12 hours at night time and taking two 1 hour naps a day.... I know it sounds crazy but yes, he is teething and I don't know if he's sleeping that much because he's just enjoying sleep or if it's because he's teething or growing.. advice?

  • Usually its the opposite way around...babies usually don't sleep well when they are teething! I would count your lucky stars! It is awesome that your baby is sleeping 12 hours at night. I wish mine would and he is 9 months old already! Congrats!

  • He is on the early side of teething, so I would count my blessings and go with it. It had the opposite affect on my children, but they were closer to 6 months when they began teething. Are you using any teething relief medication? If so that could account for extra sleep.

  • My daughter is three months today and I was wondering if she's starting to teeth too. She constantly drools and and chew her hands and fingers even right after having a bottle.

    Are there any signs to look for that teething has started?

  • Sucking on hands and drooling is not necessarily only a sign of teething... but it could be! You should know in a short amount of time for sure.

  • Thanks!! I ended up calling the pediatrician for other reasons and asked them. the doctor says it's a little too early for teething but I just don't believe that.

  • Your baby's teeth may be moving down which triggers the excess saliva and the constant chewing on things, but it may be a while before anything actually breaks through the gum. Let us know when your baby does get her first tooth!

  • It is best to ask your doctor if you have concerns, but with my son he also slept more when he was teething and babies also sleep more when they are going through growth spurts. He may be doing both.

  • I found that my daughter's issues with teething didn't really start until her teeth were actually breaking threw. She still chewed on anything and everything, was drooling here and there, but when she starting breaking skin she started waking up in the middle of the night, and drooling even more. I highly doubt babies can get too much sleep (UNLESS they don't eat bc they sleep so much) so just be happy and if you're really looking forward to those sleepless nights wait until he starts breaking skin and enjoy lol

    Idk normal babies, but mines pretty good with her teething so far, depends on pain tolerance. I can say one thing though. If you run to him at every little whimper or accident (that isn't serious) you'll probably have a lot more crying threw it. I don't know this for a fact, and by all means comfort your baby if you feel the need to, but babies learn "oh if I whimper she'll come every time, so if they are bored, whimper, there you come running" just be wary of it is all I'm saying best of luck!

  • My daughter began having those signs between 2 1/2 - 3 months old. Her Dr. said it could very well be teething. Some babies begin the first steps to teething early on but may not get a tooth for a while. My daughter began teething around that time and had her first tooth by 5 months as well as her second tooth. And now at 7 months two more have poked through. Oh, and i noticed my little one's gums were swollen and about a week or two before i would see white by the gums.