Water Safety

  • I’ve been hearing about water safety and how important it is with young children. With summer coming, I worry about my little ones around pools and in the ocean. Has anyone ever had experience with water safety classes for very young kids? I’d love to hear about your experiences! -- Julie, StrongMoms Facilitator

  • I have't ever attended a water safety class, but I have signed my daughter up for some Puddle Jumper swim lessons Which is basically getting her used to the water and laying the foundation for safe swimming. When I was little my mom would just take us into the pool all the time and work with us and teach us the basics like not to run around the pool, not to jump into the shallow end (as we got old enough for diving), she taught us how to float so that we could do that if we got a cramp or something and of course how to swim... just lots of little things like that. 

  • I think water safety classes are a great idea. My cousin signed her 1 year old up for a water class that taught her how to survive if she accidentally fell in the pool. It was amazing!

  • Brinny - love that your mom taught you all those things. Its funny that we think we have to have formal classes for some things. We can probably teach it pretty well ourselves! 

    MommRN4 - I've always been fascinated by those classes! Did it really work?? 

  • I haven't, but I probably should. I plan on signing my son up for a swimming class though (he is 1 year old).

  • The nurse in me loves that your mom did such an awesome job (Brinny) with teaching you about water safety.  I think it's so important that we each take it upon ourselves to teach kiddos about water safety, to help kids learn to swim, and to watch our rivers, streams, pools, and hot tubs to be sure our little ones are always in reach.  

    I love the name "puddle jumpers"! It makes me think of cute kiddos in yellow rain slickers and floaty arm bands.  What a combo!


  • I completely agree Jess.. My mom never had any money to waste when i was growing up and she had three kids so we did a lot of swimming at my aunts house and she would watch us in the pool and teach us different things. I would actually be doing the same with Hazel if the pool passes in our community weren't so expensive. So for us puddle jumpers is a good alternative; not to mention it will give her another chance to socialize with other children and adults in a secure environment. and it will teach her to trust others outside of me and her dad. 

  • Brinny,  You have such awesome perspective.   I love what you said here about having other adults teach and how it's important that your daughter learns from people other than you.  You are a rockstar mom!  I think it's also important to remember that sources other than big water areas are importnat to monitor-so kiddie pools, bathtubs, bucket of water.  Kids just love water so we have to watch them closely!



  • Absolutely.. My daughter seems to gravitate to any water around. Her newest favorite thing is to get her sand shovel and splash the water out of the dogs water bowls with it (inside and outside). She also has figured out that water comes from the hose and loves to fill the sand buckets and dogs bowl and well anything that will hold water really. I turn it on to a trickle so that she can play with it without running my water bill up ridiculous amounts. I will not be having a pool in my yard this year because my dogs are water lovers and will destroy it with hair and dirt. Which will lead me to scrubbing it down every time i want to let hazel use it. So as far as pools of water that i have to watch her around our house is pretty safe, but we like to camp and boat so it is essential that she learn some water safety.

  • I would recommend going to a class or looking into it to teach your little one to swim...Otherwise keep and eye on them and have a life jacket on just in case.

    Mines 6 months and loves the water, I can lay her down and she doesn't have an issue (tub), so you can always try tubs and do little safety there. Depending on age.

  • Lots of great suggestions here! Water safety is so crucial... all you have to do is look at statistics and see how many families are devastated by accidental deaths involving water. Even kids who are good swimmers sometimes drown so the key is vigilance... never take for granted that your child is being supervised. I think the quicker kids learn water safety and swimming skills the better, but there are no guarantees.

  • AnswerDad made a great point, even kids that know how to swim can drown, very important to not put too much confidence in their ability.