Bug bites

  • It’s great that spring has sprung and we get to spend lots of time outdoors with the family. Those first few days of good weather also bring some negatives that you forget about, and for me one of those is insects. I have always been a favorite menu item for the various biting insects out there, and I am afraid I have passed this along to my kids. My two month old son recently spent his first day at the local park and I noticed he already had a few bug bites on him. What do you use to keep the bugs off your baby?

    - Chris, StrongMoms Facilitator

  • I've been researching some natural options because I just don't like to put bug spray on my kids...I worry about the chemicals in it. I'll let you know what I find! 

  • The balance between chemical exposure and keeping the bugs off them is a difficult one. It really makes me think twice if we are going somewhere where there is likely to be a swarm of mosquitoes or other biting bugs. There have been times when I have canceled an outing if I think they are going to be eaten alive.

  • I know may seem gross but, I read garlic keeps mosquitoes and make sure they have dont have anything sweet smelling on them as far lotion or bodywash.

  • I've heard of cutting an orange in half and rubbing the juices on their arms and legs.  


    I'm not even attempting to take my 1 month old outside right now.  Her older sister is semi allergic to those bug bites and I'm afraid she will be too.  When my oldest is bit her leg swells up like a goose egg.  It's frightening and usually follows me dosing her with Zyrtec and using sanitizing soap.  I've used a whole tube of Benedryl Cream just this month.  The bugs are TERRIBLE.  I finally had to get Deet and spray it in my hands to rub her down with.  It really helped.  I don't want to cover my kids with chemicals but what's a poor mom to do.   


    I'll try that orange trick and let you all know if it helps. 

  • This year seems to be particularly bad here on the mid-Atlantic coast. Biting flies during the day and mosquitoes at night. Just tonight my 2-year old daughter got bitten and has a large red welt and was crying about how itchy it was.