4 week old supper fussy

  • I have a 4 week old baby boy who has been so wonderful until recently. He has decided to be very fussy as of late and I have no idea why. He is breast fed but is constantly fussy. He does do a bit better only when held. I have 2 other little ones so constantly holding him is not an option. He's not a fan of swaddling and not a huge fan of the pacifier. Any suggestions of how to help would be greatly appreciated. 

  • Is he calmed when you hold him or is he crying all the time? If he is crying all the time then you may want to take him into the doctor to get evaluated. He could have a milk allergy which usually rears its head around the 3-4 week mark. If he is calmed easily just by holding him, then you may want to invest in a baby carrier so you can hold him easier...also the bouncy seat or a vibrating swing is great at this age.

  • Sounds like our now 4-month old boy. He has gotten better in recent weeks, but if he wasn't eating he was squirming and crying and clenching his fists! Ours has now finally taken to the pacifier, but before that it was a struggle. Our doc said that maybe my wife was eating foods that made him gassy and recommended some foods to stay away from. Perhaps gas is an issue with your son? Good luck!

  • LaSage-

    Fussy babies can be so challenging! It's so hard that they can't tell us what is wrong, and so hard watching them be upset.  My first thought is that any new fussiness like that should be checked by the doc.  You want to make sure there is nothing physically bugging baby.

    Then I'd totally agree on the swing being your best friend!  Look at goodwill or other 2nd hand places first as they can be pricey, but so worth every penny.  I'd also agree about looking into what mom is eating before breastfeeding.  When I worked in the NICU we'd routinely have mom's that went out to dinner for their first meal out after baby was stable, then come back and it would be a terrible night for baby as mom's would have thai food-or other spicy stuff that baby hadn't had before.  It might be very worth tracking what you are eating for a few days to see if there is a connection.

    Keep us posted!


  • What if you tried the swing and bouncer, but your baby just wants to be held. I have tried swaddling for a sense of security and to smell our sent, but still he continues to cry. He is a 6 week old breast feed baby boy that is enjoying being held...any other suggestions? Smile

  • So here's my update. My baby is now 6 weeks breast fed and still super fussy. He's been to the doctor and received a clean bill of health. Like LLBM I have tried the swing, swaddling, and pacifiers but to no avail. At 6 weeks do they get attached too much if being held constantly ? I have tried the front carrier which he does seem to enjoy but still a bit difficult to maneuver through the day with a 2 and 3 year old keeping me busy. 

  • Oh gosh, this sounds like a challenging little one.  I first of all, am so glad that he got a clean bill of health.  That is great news.  I guess my next thought is to try the "cry it out" with close monitoring and standing by.  6 weeks is young, but it's only going to build from here.  If you know baby isn't in pain or ill, and that he is safe, then it might be time for him to learn to self sooth.  This is a huge challenge for adults!  So starting as an infant can only be advantageous. -Jess

  • Is he hungry? How long does he go in between breast feedings? I am curious as to why he is so fussy if he got a clean bill of health. Did you mention how fussy he is to the doctor? There are things like reflux and gas that can make a baby fussy. If he is calmed when you hold him, it may be reflux since he likes to be upright. If your doctor already ruled those issues out, then I would suggest a carrier...good luck and let us know how it goes. 

  • Whew - I sympathize. My little man was fussy for WEEKS on end and I finally took the advice of a lactation nurse and cut out dairy from my diet. He was a different kid in just a day or two! Have you ruled out food allergies? Dairy is the most common sensitivity that babies have through breast milk. Try cutting it out and see what happens! (That would include milk, cheese, butter, etc) There are lots of great alternatives to cook with that even other members of my family don't notice. Hang in there!!

  • Lasage-It has been a few weeks since you last posted and so I wanted to check in and see how things are going.  How is your baby feeling?  Would love an update!


  • Taking him to the doctor may be a good idea. He may be sick. You could check his ears for redness as a sign of ear infection. it's early, but it is possible he could be teething. Growing hurts, so it could also be growing pains. If nothing seems to help, the doctor may be the best option.

  • How are things going? It has been a while since you posted...is he still fussy all the time?

  • My baby is now 10 weeks and doing much better. I did ultimately cut most dairy from my diet which seems to have assisted in his gas and stomach which in turn lessened his crying fits. The change was seen almost immediately (2 days or so). The only issue now is that he has become accustomed to being held and now that seems to be all he wants. I'm slowly weaning him by letting him sit in a rocker and when he cries I give him a few minutes before picking him up. 

  • Wow LaSage that is quite a difference.  I'm glad that things are going better for you guys.  Do you have a swing for your baby?  Many babies do wonderfully in a swing with the rocking motion being very calming.


  • Great news... glad to hear things are going well!