4 week old supper fussy

  • I'm so glad you found an answer!! Cutting out dairy  has been a life saver to me and I've lost weight from it! When you can't have creamy, fatty things that have dairy in it, you definitely end up cutting calories!! I cook with rice milk and don't even notice the difference. I get my coffee with vanilla almond milk - it has a delicious flavor. For butter I use Earth Balance - a great tasting non-dairy butter. I did a bunch of soy milk, etc initially but found out that a large chunk of babies with milk allergies have soy allergies too! When I cut out the soy, I found my son was totally happy! 

  • At some point, you may want to visit an allergist to determine if he has a dairy allergy. My daughter was allergic to dairy and spit up constantly. Turned out she also had a severe nut allergy that we found out without her getting exposed.

  • It could be something you are eating. Is he going to the bathroom enough? Constipation made my son very fussy when he was a baby (he doesn't have that problem anymore now that he is a year old).

  • Hey LaSage - 

    It's been a while and I just wanted to know how your little one has been doing! I hope that things got on the right track for you and that you have a happy little baby on your hands. Let us know how you are!