Sharing room

  • The good news is that our fourth baby is only a couple of months away. The bad news is that we only have three bedrooms for our kids and we must decide which two to double up. My wife says we should pair the newborn with our 2-year old. My choice is to pair up my 5-year old with my 3 ½-year old. Please cast your vote and tell me why! Thanks! -- Chris, StrongMoms Facilitator

  • Me being paranoid I would not go with the newborn 2 year old. One bc that's not fair to your 2 year old, unless he/she is a heavy sleeper they would never get a good nights sleep. Two I'm always worried an older child might smother my baby if they cry just bc that's a first thought. Cover their mouth and they'll stop. It'd be accidental, but I'm always afraid of it. That's why I'd rather have my baby in our room than with the 4 year old. Don't know genders, but the 2 and 3.5 year old, closer ages might help.


    but vote is 5 year old and 3.5 year old (:

  • What a puzzle!  Do the kids have any preferences?  Like for instance-is your oldest child interested in using those older sib skills and being a roommate?  Do you have two that have similar personalities?  What about bedtimes and sleeping patterns?  

    The good thing is you can always rearrange need be!


  • Logistically, we had a lot of factors, but we decided to move in our middle girls together. They are both happy at the thought, although we will see when we actually pair them up, which will be coming likely in the next week or two!

  • Let us know! (: Girls can be great room mates or horrible ones lol, but luckily they aren't at that age where the whole she wore my shirt thing lol

  • Welcome to the large family club!!! LOL! I have 5 kids in 2 rooms andI can tell you that it can be done. Our rooms are not too small so that helps. We have 3 boys in one set of bunk beds and a toddler bed. The baby is in the room with his sister who is quiet and a heavy sleeper. It works wonderfully! So far......

  • Oh gosh I have images of the parent trap (the old version is the BEST!)!  Or Full house-I remember DJ getting out the masking tape and diving the room in half.  Let's just say that sisters sharing a room is something that has gone on since the start of history!

    Let us know how things go!