The language of baby

  • I absolutely love when my daughter babbles! She'll have long conversations with herself, and believe me I try to join in, but she doesn't let me! She also does a growl that I think is adorable and scary. It's more of a demonic satan took over voice, but she'll prob grow out of that lol. I especially love that she knows voice inflection, you can tell what kind of conversation she is having with herself, or with you! (:

    How often does your baby babble? Any weird noises/voice? Can you tell when he/she gets angry or forceful? (:

  • That is so sweet!  I love listening to little ones sing as well!! :)


  • Yes Jess_BabyRN, I love to listen to a baby singing just like my little girl did. She often ask me a lot of question that I love to answer as well and enjoy listening to her.  I was totally amazed to realize that my little girl knows a lot of words sometimes she follows what she heard from us that is why we are very careful of our language.

  • (: She doesn't sing yet lol but she'll talk your ear off ^-^

  • Soooo cute! My favorite - I love baby babbles. My son did the growl thing for a while - he grew out of it but it was so much fun to watch him experiment with the different noises he could make. Make sure to video it before she moves on to other cute things!

  • I take tons of videos! I love when I play them back and she tries to talk back, but she doesn't stop in the video long enough for her to really reply lol (: