• Ok I have a couple different bugs I've seen in the past couple months. One in my bathtub and the other one I've seen a couple times lately in the living room. My daughter spends all day in the living room (unless she's sleeping). I want to get rid of them, does anyone know any safe ways of doing this?

    I've killed them all, shoe, but I don't want have to kill them as they scurry across the floor. Also, bugs love my flesh and I absolutely HATE waking up with bug bites. I have spiders too, but I know they give more then they take from a home.

    Any ideas, SAFE ways. I don't want to use poison, bc if they are in the living room they can leave trails in the living room. I try to vacuum every/every other night (I shed really bad, and my daughter ends up with hair clumps around her hands). It's not like we are in and out of the house all day, the door normally opens twice maybe 3 times a day that's when my bf has to go to work and come back.

    Thanks for the help!!

  • Unfortunately other than obsessively cleaning and removing them one by one i'm not sure of any ways to get rid of the bugs without using poison. It has been suggested to fill cracks and holes throughout your house so that they have a harder time getting in so maybe you cold do that as a preventative measure.  My house too is filled to the brim with bugs. mostly wolf spiders which are common the the area. In my researches i have found that spiders tend to frequent places that aren't often disturbed like the corners of closets and i even found a spider nest in the pleats of my fiances old tool bag the other day while i was cleaning it up to sell. It is true that spiders offer more to a home than they take from it, but some are very dangerous and you need to be able to identify them. Personally i welcome daddy-long-leg spiders because even though they are very venomous they are harmless to humans and help keep the other bugs out.. so i won't kill them. The wolf spiders on the other hand are one of the top ten most dangerous spiders in the world. the bite isn't lethal, but many people have allergic reactions to the bite.... anyway i would call a pest control specialist and talk about your options. there are some pesticides that are safe for children and pets once they have dried, so i wouldn't rule them out. It's better than your little girl being bitten by something that could really harm her.

  • I'd think there'd be some sort of herbal concoction...and I've been trying to figure out what it is lol I found out what the first one was and I haven't seen that one in a couple months and only saw one...I literally just saw one of the ones in the living room this morning!

  • We'll if I remember correctly you live about an hour and a half from me so its probably one of the ma y creatures I have plaguing me. Am one the most common for my house are spiders, millipedes, centipedes, ants or all kinds have tried to take up residence, and these creepy beetles that have these horns coming off the back end, crickets also have been able to find their way in. There might be a herbal concoction but before you use it remember that some herbal things can still harm you if not used properly. So if you have to use an herbal oil or something make sure it is diluted properly.

  • So far just one spider, it was think legged like a daddy long leg, but it didn't have long legs lol and I only saw it once. The beetle with the horns on the back are earwigs, and they are gross! That's what it is, I wasn't sure but I saw one today in our sink! Now I can probably deal with it better. They aren't poisonous, but if you touch or squeeze them they will pinch you which can hurt especially for a baby. I meant more like something I could make at home with maybe fruits and ish lol. I know some people make their own herbal medicine for their kids and figured there might be one for bugs...maybe lol but thanks! We live in an apartment and I can only imagine they come into our window, bc we just had a bad storm and found out it was leaking yesterday.

  • You could try treating the outside of your apartment (along the foundation lines, etc) with the traditional chemical treatments to prevent them from getting inside in the first place. Your little one would be less likely to come in contact with it that way. Just a thought!

  • I was going to try the windows

  • Depending on the type of bug and where you live, there are safe home remedies that work:

    whole bay leaves for black sugar ants and pea ants

    lavender oil for fleas

    tea tree or coconut oil for crickets, I don't remember which.

    salt for snails and slugs

    borax can be used outside your windows for any type of bugs, its highly poisonous if your kids get into it though. You can use it in the house as well for areas your kids don't go but maybe spiders like to hide, such as closet shelves.

    I can find out more home remedies if I knew more so what type of bugs. I live in TN, our biggest problems are fleas and ants.


  • Hope you are able to get some relief! I'd be curious to know how the natural remedies work! Thanks for the tips, skatieyonts!

  • We use bay leaves for ants and as long as we remember to refresh them when they start to dry out, we have no ants. Lavender oil has worked amazingly for fleas, although since my cat is going outside it isn't being as effective as it could be cause he lays in the morning dew and rubs the oil off.

  • Depending on the type of bug, there are some bug trap/ killers you can put outside around the house to keep them away (I do this for ants). If you spray the home, make sure to leave and not come back until it is aired out.