• When looking for a babysitter/caregiver, what do you guys look for. Right now on my list I have:

    House Condition (clean/spacious)

    Danger (things she can get into, pointy edges, how well babyproofed)

    Fun (how much there is for her to do)

    Personality (how friendly she is, open, loose-but-controlled)

    How Well My Daughter Responds to Them (I know this gets better in time, but if she's still wary after we spend a good amount of time with them, then I don't want to leave her there)

    Trustworthy (how trustworthy and honest, he/she presents herself or seems- I'm a pretty good judge of people)

    Other Kids (how they react to having another child around, aggressive or friendly -vs age)

    *Price -varies depending on how well the other parts go.

    That's what I really have so far, is there anything else I should be looking for/at, or should be wary of? This is the first time I'm going to have one for her so I don't have past 'uh-ohs' to go from. Thank you very much!

  • It is always good to ask around and get some referrals from friends or coworkers. Sometimes just knowing that someone else had a good experience there can take some of the fear out of it. It seems like you are already doing a good job of examining all of your choices and the dangers that they present. 

  • Great list! I also like to make sure they have taken a baby first aid course/cpr course so they know what to do in an emergency! I'd ask for references from other families who have placed their kids with her as well. 

  • Thanks you guys, I didn't put references bc I didn't want to base it primarily on if they had experience, If they have references I ask, most do, but if they don't I still consider them. I have a pretty easy baby, even a first time mom like me thinks I'm getting off too easy lol.

    I didn't think of CPR though, that's a good one. That's the reason I asked bc I knew there were things I'd forget. Met the first lady she was really good on everything, but I didn't get a chance to ask her. I think she is though.

  • I know that many pediatric hospitals offer a "better babysitters" class for teens.  This might be a good requirement to have of your sitters.


  • I hope you find a winner with your first interview! Good childcare is always a blessing when you find it. Good luck! 

  • Both of them have 2 kids. I'm torn bc the one is super clean, and the other is more like our home clean, but looks lived in lol. My bf recently told me he doesn't want me to go back to work, and I'd love to stay home, but I feel like we need the extra money.

  • Would you really make that much extra money after paying for day care and all? Something to consider - I think you really wouldn't regret being home with your little one. Maybe you'll go without a few extra trips, shopping sprees, or mochas but you'll have some wonderful memories and time with your little girl. 
    All that being said, some moms really do enjoy having some time at work and I hope you are able to make a great decision with your day care provider if that's what you end up doing! What about their personalities and how they relate to your little girl? Any differences there?  

  • It sounds like you have an important decision to make.  I might start by making a positive list and a negative list and weigh out the options.  Really listen to your heart, you know how YOU feel if you listen.  The other thing I would do is figure out how much money you will make and then how much the nanny will cost and weigh out those two things.

    Let us know how your decision is going!


  • I totally agree with Jess and Julie. I too have considered going back to work many many times, BUT after daycare costs i would only be bringing home about 200 a month extra and that to me isn't really worth letting someone else make memories with my daughter, teach her right from wrong, and watch her grow up... There is something to be said about getting out for some non baby time though. I have considered getting a babysitter once a week just so that i can have some time to myself and unwind... or so that my fiance and i can have a date night... If you really want to bring in extra money you can always find a job where you can work while your (fiance???) is at home, or on the weekends. you would get out of the house for a while, you wouldn't need a sitter because the baby could be with her dad, and they would have more time to bond.... AND you would be bringing in some extra cash and feel like you are contributing. Anyway I'm sure you are going to make the best decision for you and your daughter.. you sound like a smart lady.

  • I am very, very picky with who I let watch my son. i won't let strangers watch him at all, I have to know them. Family members are the only ones who watch him, but eventually i will have to leave him at a daycare. Luckily, there is someone close to the family who runs one and she watched my brother and I when we were kids, so I can trust her.