alot of sleeping during the last two months

  • during the last two months Leland has been taking lots of naps but she is making lots of progress she is starting to hold her toys and open her eyes more and more thumb suckingStick out tongue

  • The first few months are very sleepy for many babies. Now that she is getting older, expect her to stay awake longer and start interacting with you and her surroudings more and more. So fun!

  • Sounds like your little girl is growing normally! Babies are sleepy little creatures at first - watching them learn to explore their world is so much fun! 

  • My son is 17 months, he wakes up at 8am eats breakfast plays takes a nap at 10am wakes up eats lunch plays and takes a nap around 2-3pm wakes up eats supper plays then is back in bed at 6pm and sleeps through the entire night.... he sleeps alot, in fact if he isn't eating he is sleeping lol some babies are just sleepy my son never got out of his sleepy stage, i have even tried changing to one nap a day or making bedtime later but he wont hear of it lol good luck on your sleepy baby

  • bvedder - Wow, I'm so jealous you got a good sleeper!! I'm sure it kind of limits how you can get out and about to do things around nap time but that's a pretty serious sleeper you've got! :-p