Clipping Nails

  • Does anyone else find nail clipping to be ridiculously hard for little babies? My little boy is absolutely impossible to clip – he wiggles and pulls his hands/feet all over the place. I’m always worried about cutting him and making him cry. I’d welcome any tricks that anyone has to help me out! Julie, StrongMoms Facilitator

  • I always have to clip my daughters during nap time... She and i will get a book and relax (clippers within reach but hidden) and  when she finally falls a sleep i grab the clippers and walla... no more long nails. She doesn't fight me and i can concentrate on not clipping her skin.

  • I agree, if you can cut them while he or she is sleeping, it is the best time.

  • I've never tried that...I feel like it would wake him up! I'll give it a go...wish me luck. :-p 

  • I have no advice to help, but I can say I struggle with cutting my girls nails as well. I actually posted about it a month or so ago. The only thing I have found to work for me is strapping her in (car seat/high chair/bouncy seat) and just going for it. She kicks, screams, pulls away, and fights tooth and nail: but eventually it gets done.

    I tried to do it when she was sleeping but she just woke up and started screaming and it was much worse cause then she wouldn't go back to sleep and now I had a kid with long clawing nails who is cranky and tired.

    She likes to play with the clippers pretending to give pedicures but she doesn't want them used on her. Good Luck!

  • Clip them while hes sleeping I was always worried that i would wake my baby, but it is the easiest because they don't move. Just make sure you have tons of light and clip away! with the baby clipper that is... 

  • What a good idea to do it while he is asleep!


  • skatieyonts - Wow,  your little one sounds even more tricky than mine! Does it help to do her toes while she is eating or anything where she is distracted? Hands are a whole different tough! 

  • Nope. She is what I call my little shadow, her eyes are on me every minute we are together. She doesn't even get distracted enough to play by herself. All I can say is my little girl is the most attentive toddler I have ever met. I just have to do it while she fights me, I am hoping she will learn soon that it doesn't hurt and quit being so stubborn about it.

  • Doing it when they are sleeping is easiest for me. Or having something to distract them. For my one year old I have my fiance help me keep his hands still to clip finger nails and I clip his toe nails when he is distracted in his high chair eating. For babies who are littler, doing it when they are sleeping seems easiest.

  • She sure loves her mother. :-) I hope she quits fighting soon for your sake! 

  • While sleeping is the best.  My daughter is 4 months and she think it's play time when i'm trying to hold her hands steady.  I attempted to clip her nails ont he changing table yesterday and we were somewhat successful.  Good luck :) 

  • I've started saying the rhyme that goes "This little piggy went to market, this little piggy stayed home" as I clip each nail. When I get to the last nail, the piggy goes "wee weee weee all the way home" and I tickle him. He kind of looks forward to the anticipation of the last nail! Maybe this will work a little better?? 

  • My baby girl is only two weeks old and her nails are long enough that we have put mittens on her hands to keep her from scratching herself. We have discussed cutting her nails, but I am just really nervous too with her fingers being so little, is there a certain time that I should wait longer to clip her nails or would it be alright to try when she isn't squirming around (she normally isn't). I just don't want to potentially hurt her, but she already hurt herself with her nails once and she hates her mittens and the clever girl gets them off when we aren't looking. Any advice? I hope this comes out proper, first time posting. Lol, I'm a 24 year old male who apparently now moonlights as a "Super Mom". Whatever it takes though, right?

  • Any time is good for nail clipping. When they are asleep is usually the easiest time because they are less likely to move. For me the baby nail clippers made me very nervous because I could not see beyond the big plastic safety guards. If it makes you more comfortable you can buy nail clippers that have a magnifying glass attached to them. I actually prefer the nail scissors because I have complete control over what I am doing and I can see much better. If you are still really nervous after you have tried you can see if her healthcare provider can help you with it. Good luck.