Traveling with your baby

  • Hi everyone, my son is eight months old and keeps crying in the car when we take our summer day trips.  I was just wondering if anyone has any tips for long car rides with babies!

  • It's amazing how some kids pass out immediately in the car and some can't stand it! Does your baby cry a lot when you are not in the car? Maybe if you know you are going out, either time your trips when it's nap time, or if there is anyone who can feed him while you are driving, that might help. Has it always been this way, or just recently?

  • I carry a bag of toys that I can hand to him when we travel. He also likes his pacifier. Other than that, you may just have to grin and bear it and hope he outgrows this phase FAST!

  • Is he happy otherwise or is it a particular time of day he happens to be fussy? I keep a bag of pretzel sticks that my little one can chew on and a bag of toys like MommyRN4 does. It's tough when they are fussy in the car!! Does he have a certain nap time? Maybe you could travel at nap time...would he fall asleep?

  • As someone who lives 6 hours from my nearest relative, i have certainly taken many long road trips with my daughter in tow. When she was younger she slept the majority of the trip and i only had to stop a few times to change and feed her. But now that she is older we plan for making stops. First i have plenty of things for her to play with and look at and i have them near me so that when she throws one thing out of the car seat i can easily hand her another without putting us in danger.  Next i plan to make my stops in places where she can stretch her legs and run off some energy before making the next leg of our journey. Here soon we will be moving back to Oregon and I think I will be investing in a portable dvd player to hook to the headrest of the seat in front of my daughter. Never underestimate the power of a Baby Einstein DVD!!! Maybe you could try one for your trips as well as baby music. I have a mix of music for my daughter that we listen to there are some lullabys, classical music, sing along music, and just plain silly music. I hope some of this helps. Good luck on your next trip.

  • I agree with the others-songs, snacks, and breaks are all very helpful!  I remember back to road trips with my mom when i was young and those were some cherished times.  Now, I was a bit older 7, 8, 9 years plus-but once your kiddos hit that age it's a great opportunity for good conversations and deep discussions.  Happy travels!


  • Have you traveled this summer with your little one? How did he do?