Support for Moms Unable to Nurse

  • Circumstances do not always allow mothers to nurse their babies for as long as they would like, if at all. My wife nursed all of our kids for the first four months, but when she went back to work, she found it impossible to continue. While some frowned upon her decision, there were far more people in our lives who showed great support and compassion for her. Do you have a similar story? If so, feel please share your story in a Twitter Party sponsored by the "I Support You" movement on Wednesday, August 7th at 8 pm EDT and let mothers know you support them whether they nurse, bottle feed or a combination of both.  You can find the movement with the hashtag #ISupportYou. -- Chris, Strongmoms Facilitator

  • Cool resource Answerdad, thanks for the info!


  • I nursed my babies longer but I feel like any woman deserves kudos for giving the best effort she can give! It's not really our place to judge others - every circumstance is different. Good job to your wife. :-) 

  • Agreed Julie. It especially bothers me when people make judgments without the facts. Some women would give anything to nurse, but because of a myriad of circumstances that are nobody's business but mom and dad, cannot. Now there is a feeling of inadequacy and guilt through no fault of the mom. People should give support and keep their opinions to themselves unless asked when it comes to nursing.

  • I had my first Son in July 2013. I tried nursing for 8 days and my milk NEVER came in. My son was a TERRIBLE nurser (wouldn't stay latched) and there were other issues that prevented me from being successful at breastfeeding. I went to formula and both my Son and I are happy.

  • Jennifer - It's pretty frustrating trying to get a baby to breast feed who is not able to stay latched on! I'm glad to hear that you are your son are doing well and happy. I think it is important to share our stories so that mothers who are struggling with breast feeding currently can know that all will be okay regardless of what happens! How old is your little boy?

  • Until I started working with infants and families I had no idea how hard breastfeeding can be!  When you hear about breastfeeding on tv shows, from friends and in other sources it all sounds and seems effortless.  However, through work, i started seeing how hard it can be for many, many moms.  There are just so many variables that I wouldn't have ever thought of.  

    My greatest hope for moms is that they can just accept where they are at with feeding-breast or formula, and that those those who are in their lives support them 110%.  

    Keep sharing your experiences with all types of feeding, it's so helpful when we can all connect!