Funny Commercials for Moms!

  • There are so many commercials out there that are geared towards moms…my favorite right now is the Luvs commercial that shows a new mom packing up an entire stroller and diaper bag for just one outing. The next scene shows that mom with her second child and all she grabs is a diaper and her keys! It says, "By their second kid every mom is an expert". What other funny commercials do you like?--Bonnie, Strongmoms facilitator

  • I too like the Luvs commercials. I think my favorite of them is the breast feeding one with the mom breastfeeding her first child all cowering in the corner of a restaurant behind a plant... and the same mom breastfeeding her second child out in the open and telling the waiter "Eyes up here" hahah!

  • Brinny - that was going to be my favorite too! Such a funny commercial! lol

  • I love it when they show the realities of being a mom--and don't just sugar coat it. There is also the one where the dad and kid are in the kitchen making a science experiment and the mom walks in just as it explodes everywhere. She has this look on her face that is priceless--but she calmly hands the dad the roll of Bounty paper towels and walks off. Love it.!