Baby Loves His Siblings—a Bit TOO Much!

  • My little guy just loves his siblings and while I think it is awesome, he won't take naps during the day because he doesn't want to miss out on what they are doing. He fights so hard to stay awake and play with them or watch them! What can I do to help him get into a better nap routine? -- Bonnie, Strongmoms Facilitator

  • I think that a big part of bed and nap times has to be for the napping kiddo to not think that they are missing out by taking a nap or going to bed.  So, special bed time routine and then off to bed.  Then nothing to exciting can happen when those lights go out.  Then once up back to family time. :)  Good luck, I know this can be a hard subject!


  • Sometimes I have my older child have some quiet time of his own while I'm putting my little one down to sleep. If my 4 year old is doing puzzles and looking at books, its not quite as exciting as when he plays football or races cars! I find my little one is happier going down for a nap if the overall atmosphere of the house is calmer. Good luck! :-p

  • Yes he hates to be left out, but I try to give him as much time with them as possible....that seems to help. It also helps if they leave the room before I have to put him down for naps.