Tummy Time—Making the Best of it!

  • My little boy doesn't love tummy time, but he needs to. How do you get your baby to enjoy being on his tummy? I've tried putting new toys in front of him but that doesn't last too long! -- Bonnie, Strongmoms Facilitator

  • I kind of find that if I lay down and put them tummy to tummy with me and talk with them, they seem to like it better. They are still getting that time off their backs and learning to strengthen their head/neck muscles. It's great for bonding too! :-) 

  • I put a singing/lighting up toy in front of him while he does tummy time and he will stare at it until it turns off.  

  • Those are great ideas! Thanks!

  • SarJohn - that sounds pretty cute. :-) Some of those musical toys really are life savers! Your little man sounds very observant. :-) 

  • Everyone has such great ideas!  I love anything and everything to do with music for tough times. -Jess

  • My baby girl hates tummy time and I noticed if I prop her up on a boppy pillow with tummy down and prop my iPad up on the floor at a good distance (not too close) and turn on Mickey Mouse she loves it. 

  • My little man loved using his Boppy for tummy time! Sounds like your little girl is mesmerized with the lights and sounds of the cartoons. :-) She might also like some toys that play music in front of her or some of those lights that glow shapes on the walls. My little man loved those too!