cars .eat troubles

  • my daughter screams her head off every time she goes into her car seat. any advice?

  • Ugh, so sorry. I feel your pain! My son was sort of cranky all around but especially in the car seat. I finally figured out that he had a dairy allergy and I had to stop eating dairy while I was nursing him! He was a different kid after that and did okay in the car seat! Does your daughter seem to be rather cranky/overly fussy anywhere else besides the car seat or is it just when she goes for a ride? 

  • My good friend's baby had a similar issue.  Every time she even got near the car seat that kiddo would scream!  I think she started packing lots of entertainment-songs, cds, and books.  As she has gotten older it has gotten better.


  • How old is your daughter? If she is an infant, then it may pass in time...until then, just try to keep the car outings as short as possible!