What is your best memory from your baby's first year?

  • My favorite memory of my son is of him first learning to splash in the bathtub. He kept slapping his hand down in the water and then he would get very confused when the water splashed in his face. He couldn't understand what was happening!! It was very funny. What is your best memory from your baby's first year? --Bonnie, Strongmoms facilitator

  • Oh there are so many to choose from. For me it would be a tie between watching my daughter figure out how to roll over for the first time (she worked on it so hard and yelled the entire way haha), the first time she played with the dog (the dog got the first good laugh out of her), The first time she met her grandparents and played "Horsey" (bouncing on knee) with her grandpa. the first time my daughter tasted an apple was pretty awesome too. She would slobber and gumm it to death saying mmmmmmm; and when we took the slice away she would freak out. Over all of those i think m favorite memory is when she took her first steps on her own.. she was just as proud of herself as we were of her.

  • Oh goodness...how can I pick? I think my favorite memory of my little one's first year has to be during a family vacation we took. My sisters and their families were there along with my grandmother, parents, etc. My little boy fell asleep on the beach (he usually NEVER falls asleep outside of his crib) and was snuggling with his little sleeping cousin while our family sunbathed and played in the sand. Such a loving, sweet memory. 

  • I too love those memories from family vacations.  The simple quiet moments at home are pretty special as well though.