Whinning 3 Month Old

  • Recently, the past 3 or 4 days, my 3 month old daughter has gotten in the habbit of whining (that's the only way I know how to describe it, its not crying, but more whining) all day long.  A bottle sooths her of course, and sometimes so will picking her up, but only for a little while.  she's also started wanting to eat every 3 to 4 hours.  Someof my friends have told me its her learning how to get our attention, but I wonder if its not something else. 


    Can anyone offer any advice?  Please help.  Thanks :)

  • Maybe it could be a growth spurt or readying herself to sleep through the night?  I ask about those because my little guy whined for a few days about those things just before and just after the 3-month mark.  If it's a growth spurt it would last for a few days, requiring extra food, and then the whininess would go away by itself.  If it's readying herself to sleep through the night (or perhaps sleep longer at night if she already sleeps through it), she may be demanding more frequent feedings during the daytime so that she can cut out (or down) on night-time feeds.  This is exactly what my little guy did. 

    Oh, and one more idea I just thought of if you are formula-feeding - my little guy got whiny when he wanted to go up in feed size, i.e. when he'd start wanting a larger amount of formula at a feed.  Sometimes he wouldn't even change the total amount he'd take in a 24h period - he just wanted fewer, larger feeds to keep him happy. If unsure, I offered larger feeds for 1 day and see how he went on that.  Anyhow all babies are different so I'm not sure if my ideas are right for your baby, this is just the experiences I encountered with my baby.

  • Well my little girl is just 2 months and she has been for a couple of days (whining).  What I do to calm her down is feed her more often because sometimes she'll want her milk every 3-4 hours but other times after 2 hours she is ready to eat again.  So I would say to watch to see if she is changing her eating patterns.  Also, I found out that since she is not use to the weather, she usually gets really hot even if the ac is on..so i give her a bath when i see that nothing else is working and she loves it and quites down.

  • My son will be 3 months old tomorrow.  He recently started teething.  You can now see the tooth about to come through the gum.    He still has not grasped the concept of holding things in his mouth so I hold teething rings and toys in his mouth so he can chew on them.

    He is also starting to get fussy when he is getting tired. 

    He calms down by walking him around the house or going for a walk outside.  We recently purchased a Babybjorn carrier and he loves it.

  • It's time to stimulate the baby with some tummy time! When you carry your daughter in the car carrier, try hanging toys. These methods not only stimulate, but also help to improve strength and fine motor skills.

  • I agree with AnswerDad. She could just be bored. Try some different types of play or shake up your daily routine. When she gets whiny, how about taking her for a walk in the stroller or a drive in the car? Can't hurt to try!