on the move

  • my daughter was born 10 weeks early and is now 14 weeks old.  She is such a good baby and now that we understand each others needs motherhood is so much fun.  She sleeps through the night 5 of 7 nights a week.  I was thinking about putting her bassinet in her room. Is this too early.  Also when I pass by her bassinet she is always in a different position sometimes 180 degrees from where i put her.  Should this be a concern if I move her bassinet and how do I know when she is crib ready?

  • Putting a baby in her own room to sleep is a very personal decision. Some mothers feel ready by 2 weeks of age, others don't move their little ones until they are 3-4 months old. My children were all in their own rooms by the time they were 3-4 weeks old.....I just couldn't sleep anymore with all of their grunts and groans throughout the night. If you feel ready to move her, try it out and see how she does. As long as she is in a safe bassinet with no fluffy bedding or crib bumpers etc... she should do fine. Make sure her bed is free from blankets, stuffed animals and other objects that she could accidently lay against. As always talk with your pediatrician if you feel you need another opinion. I am glad that she is such a good baby for you...congratulations