4 month old

  • i am a new mom i have a 4 month old little girl!  i need advise on gasy babies i give her gripe water & mycoln it helps some what but since she was born she is just gasy and she tends to cry for no reason sometimes is that normal and now she is at a stage where she wants to be held how do i get her out of that and how long should her naps be for? and when do i start her on solid foods

  • There are several great books available. One of my favorites is the "What to Expect..." series, any local bookstore should have it. It is full of great tips and advice about all of the milestones and has all the basic information about for instance "What to Expect the First Year" etc. I would really recommend getting a copy to read, it helped me a lot and made me a lot more comfortable with the knowledge it gave me.

    Gas pains may be diet or something else but only a pediatrician would know for sure. As for solid foods, by 4 months we had already started my daughter on some basic snack stuff - they make lots of great melt in your mouth semi-solid snacks to practice on which we gave her (such as rice cereal and "gerber/walmart puffs"). She loved the puffs, she's 15 months and still loves them in fact.

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    Not sure if I can help but I also have a 4 month old and he is quite gassy (he was gassy in the hospital). Our doctor recommended switching his formula to Similac Advanced Shield. He still has gas-it just isn't quite so bad.  As far as it being normal-yes it is normal. I asked our pediatrician the same question. He said it isn't until about 5 months when their digestive system starts getting regular and pretty soon, the gas will not be so bad or will just go away completely. As far as wanting to be held, I have only encountered that at night.  During the day the sitter keeps our son busy with toys and playing as we do the same at night with him but at night, we just started teaching him how to sleep on his own as we used to hold him for the longest time while he would sleep.  Just start weaning yourself from holding her so long. If she cries, you should just let her cry for awhile (if she cries and you run to her-she'll soon figure out, if not already, that she is in control and the longer it goes on-the harder it will be to break) but let her know you are right there and you are not going anywhere. We just started our son on Rice cereal. Just at night though. It is only a small amount (2tbls).  We found that it doesn't help him sleep longer. Our doctor said if he has no reaction to the rice cereal (diarrhea or rash would be a reaction) to move on to vegetables from a jar in the next couple of weeks. If there is a reaction to the cereal, try another cereal (like wheat, etc.).  We were told that when we do start on the vegetables to pick the same vegetable for 5 days in case he would be allergic-then switch.  After a couple of weeks on vegetables, you can introduce fruit. The doctor said at 6 months he can eat a veggie or fruit with or without cereal and with formula for lunch and dinner.

    Sorry for this being so long-but I know how it is when you have questions. It is always nice to get another persons opinion. Good luck.


  • I agree that your baby may need a formula change. Some of the formulas are more broken down and require less work on the part of your baby's digestive system. This often helps with gas issues. Be sure to speak with your pediatrican to see what he/she thinks.

    I also highly recommend The Happiest Baby on the Block. There are so many techniques that can help comfort your baby. This comes in DVD format, so you can watch it and put it to use immediately.

  • i have a son that just turned 4 months i recomend the similac sensitive its in a orange can it has helped my son on the digestion and hes not as gassy.....

  • hi iam a mother of a 5month old. she was gassey till now. she also had coliac,i put her on similiac sensitive so far it worked. it does get better.