Away from mommy

  • My daughter is now 4months... Lately it seems as if she's fussier than normal but she's even more fussy when she's away from mommy.  She went to stay the night with her grammy, which she has done numerous times, but she cried the entire night and when I got there she immediately stopped crying and wanted to play at 3am... Is it normal for babies to cry all night with people they're familar with? and is it normal for babies to want to play at odd times during the night?...

  • At 3 months old, your baby is definitely aware of your presence (or lack thereof). No doubt, her grandmother holds her differently, smells differently, talks differently and feeds her differently than her beloved mommy. You have been the one constant in her life since she was conceived and she is definitely aware of your absence.

    Babies are also notorious for messing up their sleep patterns....especially after being out of town, and out of their routine. My little ones used to keep me up at weird hours of the night wanting to play, bond with me and coo. While it is awfully cute and tempting to let them, it is important to establish their bedtime routine and nighttime schedule again.

    If they are awake and looking for action....keep the lights down low and put on soothing music. Play a mobile or an aquarium for them so that they don't get too stimulated. She should fall asleep within the hour and the next night won't be so bad. Within a few days, she should be back to her old self and her old sleeping schedule! Good luck

  • There are many factors that could be leading to your baby having erratic sleep patterns. Certainly her comfort level is very important, but she could be beginning teething or simply more aware of her surroundings.

  • She very well could be looking for you for reassurance, or she could also just be going through one of those all-too-common baby phases where her sleep and behavior patterns just suddenly shift. This may make the occasional night at grandma's a little more difficult for a while, until she grows out of it. In the meantime, reassurance and not letting 3 am playtime become something that you're willing to go along with are the keys to getting her back on track.